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Exchange of Notes between the Government of Canada and the Government of Haiti constituting a Reciprocal Amateur Radio Operating Agreement [1980] CATSer 4 (11 June 1980)

E101974 - CTS 1980 No. 9



The Ambassador of Canada to the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Haiti


PORT-AU-PRINCE, 11 June, 1980

No. 84

H. E. Mr. Georges Salomon
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs



I have the honour to propose that an Agreement be concluded between our two Governments concerning the reciprocal granting of authorization to permit licensed amateur radio operators of either country to operate their stations in the other country during their stay there under the following conditions:

1. Any national of one of the two contracting countries duly holding an amateur radio operator's certificate or a valid amateur radio station licence from his country of origin, such permits being issued by the responsible authority of one of the two Governments concerned, may, subject to the conditions listed below, obtain temporary, equivalent permits from the other country on a reciprocal basis.

Further, he may be authorized to operate his amateur radio transmitting station on the territory of the other Government under conditions similar to those appearing on his original licence or permit, on a reciprocal basis.

2. Any person holding an amateur radio licence issued by his Government shall, before he is permitted to operate his station under the conditions laid down in paragraph 1, and after his licence has been checked, obtain free of charge from the responsible authority of the other Government an authorization for that purpose.

3. The responsible authority of each of the two Governments concerned may issue an authorization, as provided for in Article 2, in accordance with the conditions, circumstances and procedures laid down by each Government, including the right of cancellation of the said authorization at the convenience of the issuing Government at any time, and given notice in such case to the responsible authorities of the other Government.

4. The visiting amateur radio operator shall use the call sign that was issued to him in his country, followed by the international call sign prefix of the other contracting country, as well as the number corresponding to the zone or area in which the station is located.

5. Should an infraction be committed by the visiting amateur radio operator enjoying the privileges established by this Agreement, the responsible authorities of the country concerned in which the infraction has been committed, shall, without prejudice to the measures they may take on their own territory, directly inform the authorities of the other government of the infraction committed. In such case, the authorities who issued the original amateur radio permit shall impose the sanctions provided for the infraction committed, as if it had taken place on their own territory.

6. An amateur radio operator holding a certificate and operating in one of the two countries may operate an amateur radio station duly authorized in the other country, under licence, provided that it is operated in the presence of an authorized operator of the station, of which the licensee shall be held accountable to the responsible authority of his country, for any infractions attributable to the visiting operator.

If the Government of the Republic of Haiti accepts the foregoing conditions, I have the honour to propose that this Note, which is authentic in English and French, and your reply thereto shall constitute an Agreement between our two countries which shall enter into force on the date of your Excellency's reply. This Agreement shall be subject to termination at any time, on sixty days notice in writing by either country.

Please accept, Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration.

Pierre Garceau



The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Haiti to the Ambassador of Canada



PORT-AU-PRINCE, 11 June, 1980

His Excellency Mr. Pierre Garceau
Ambassador of Canada in Haiti
Port-au Prince

Dear Mr. Ambassador:

I have the honour to acknowledge receipt of your letter No. 84 dated June 11, 1980 which reads as follows:

(See Canadian Note No. 84 of June 11, 1980)

I am pleased to inform you that the Haitian government approves the above-mentioned proposals. The note from the Canadian Embassy and the reply thereto from the Chancery expressing the agreement of the Haitian government constitute an arrangement between the two governments on this matter.

I avail myself of this opportunity to renew to you, Mr. Ambassador, the assurance of my high consideration.

Georges Salomon

Secretary of State

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