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SINO Common Words

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SINO Common Words

A "common word" is a word that is so common that it is not indexed at all (eg "the", "and", "he", "she") and so is ignored in searches. This is the list of common words used by AustLII.

a: about after all also am an and any are at
b: be because been before being but
c: can could
d: did do does
e: ever
f: following for from
g: given
h: had hardly has have having he hence her here hereby herein hereof hereon hereto herewith him his however
i: if in into is it its
m: may me mr must my
n: no nor not
o: of on only onto or other our out
r: really
s: said shall she should so some such
t: than that the their them then there thereby therefore therefrom therein thereof thereon thereto therewith these they this those thus to too
u: unto up upon us
v: very viz
w: was we were what when where whereby wherein whether which who whom whose why with within would
y: you your

Common words are not indexed and so aren't searchable even if placed in double quotes. Including them in searches does no harm (they simply act as a place holder) however you may get unexpected search results if you are relying on their presence.

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