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New Delhi, 28 April 1956

The Government of Canada and the Government of India, desiring to conclude an agreement concerning the Canadian Government's contribution under the Colombo Plan, have agreed as follows

Article I

As part of its contribution under the Colombo Plan, the Government of Canada will provide an NRX atomic research and experimental reactor to the Government of India.

Article II

The Government of India will make the facilities of the reactor available to scientists approved by the Government of India from other countries including Colombo Plan countries in South and Southeast Asia.

Article III

The Government of India will ensure that the reactor and any products resulting from its use will be employed for peaceful purposes only.

Article IV

The contribution of the Government of Canada will comprise the external costs of designing the reactor, the rotunda, all auxiliary services within the rotunda and the specific auxiliary equipment set out in the annex. It will also include the external costs of manufacturing or procuring the reactor and the auxiliary equipment set out in the annex, together with the external costs of the supervision of their installation and erection.

Article V

The Government of India will provide the site for the reactor. It will also be responsible for the foundation work, for constructing the buildings and for supplying the specific auxiliary equipment set out in the annex. The Government of India will provide all mechanical, electrical, administrative and other services and facilities required at the site. In accordance with normal Colombo Plan practice the Government of India will be responsible for providing local labour and materials as required. The Government of India, following past practices in relation to Colombo Plan shipments from Canada, will arrange for shipment and bear freight charges and will arrange for and assume the cost of insurance on any equipment and materials destined for the project or will bear the cost of replacement in the event of loss.

Article VI

The distribution of the various costs between Canada and India will be in accordance with the understanding reached between representatives of the two Governments, which is recorded in the annex.

Article VII

The annex to this agreement may be amended from time to time in ways not inconsistent with the agreement by letters exchanged between the High Commissioner for Canada in India and the Department of Atomic Energy of India.

Article VIII

The Government of Canada will provide such training as is practicable for the staff of the reactor.

Article IX

The Government of Canada will provide at the site during the construction period and for the initial period of operation such technical experts as may be required from Canada.

Article X

In order to ensure that all phases of the project are effectively coordinated, the Canadian engineering and supervisory authorities responsible for designing and installing the reactor will also supervise all other aspects of the work and will be responsible for the inspection and acceptance of all work undertaken at the site including the erection of the reactor and the construction of the rotunda. All related auxiliary equipment and its installation will also be subject to inspection and acceptance by these authorities.

Article XI

It is the intention of both Governments that the fuel elements for the initial fuel charge and for. the continuing requirements of the reactor will be supplied from Canada save to the extent that India provides them from sources within India. Arrangements for the provision of the fuel elements to India from Canada will be agreed upon by the two Governments before the reactor is ready to operate; if an international agency acceptable to both Governments has come into being or is in prospect at that time, the terms of such agreement will be in keeping with the principles of that agency.

Article XII

This agreement takes the place of all previous agreements and understandings on this matter between the two Governments or between officials of the two Governments.

Article XIII

The present agreement shall enter into force on the date of signature. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned being duly authorised by their respective Governments have signed the present agreement and have affixed thereto their seals. DONE in duplicate at New Delhi this twenty-eighth day of April, 1956, in the English language.

(Sd.) Escow REID

On behalf of the Government of Canada

High Commissioner Prime Minister

On behalf of the Government of India

India Bilateral

Ministry of External Affairs, India

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