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Kabul, 23 March 1961

The Government of India and the Royal Government of Afghanistan,

BEING equally desirous of establishing and maintaining direct and regular Radiotelephonic communications between their respective countries wish to make a special agreement and for this purpose they have appointed the following as their Plenipotentiaries

The Government of India HE. Mr. JAN Dhamija Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in Kabul,

The Royal Government of Afghanistan HE. Mr. Ghulam Safdar SEKANDRY, Deputy Minister for Communications,

WHO having examined each other's credentials and found them good and in due order,

HAVE agreed as follows

Article 1

The exchange of radiotelephone calls whether State or private will be regularly established between the two countries. For this purpose the contracting parties agree to start Radiotelephonic Stations at. the following places as agreed

The Government of India: Radio Telephone Station of Overseas Communications Service at New Delhi.

The Royal Government of Afghanistan: Radio Telephonic Stations YAK and YAY, Kabul.

The timings of operation at these places shall be as may be agreed upon from time to time between the Telecommunications Administrations of the two contracting countries.

Article 2

Either contracting party will furnish to the other a list of the names of all Radiotelephonic Stations which are suitable in its territory and -open for transmissions.

Article 3

The following categories of telephone calls will be admitted

(a) Ordinary Government calls.

(b) Ordinary private calls.

(c) Service calls.

(it) Other categories of calls will be admitted by consent of the Telecommunications Administrations of the two countries. Government calls will enjoy priority over all other calls.

Article 4

The charge for transmission of an ordinary telephone call of a unit duration of three minutes shall be 20 gold francs and for every additional minute thereafter shall be 1/3 of the same. The report charge shall be 2 gold francs per call. The charges and conditions for other categories of radio telephone calls will be as mutually agreed to between the contracting parties from time to time. The charges as above shall be divided equally between the two Administrations. Each Administration, shall bear its own terminal charges.

Article 5

The contracting parties agree to provide necessary transmission facilities in transit for telephone calls originating in the territories of the either of the contracting parties and destined to other countries and those originating in other countries and destined to the territories of either of the contracting parties. The contracting parties agree that charges for such transit telephone calls shall be fixed by mutual consultation between the participating Telecommunications Administrations. Division of charges between the participating Administrations shall be made according to arrangements which will be concluded between them.

Article 6

The statement of accounts of radiotelephone calls exchanged between the two countries will be prepared regularly every month. Each Contracting Party will send two copies of the account to the other party. The other Party will retain one copy and return the other to the sender after verifications and confirmation,

Article 7

In balancing the accounts the amount becoming due in gold francs shall be calculated in Indian rupees at the rate of 3.061 gold francs = 1$ = Rs. 4.762 and paid quarterly by the debtor party to the creditor party. All expenses incurred in- connection with the payment! will be borne by the debtor party.

Article 8

For matters which -are not included or not referred to in this agreement, the provisions of the International Telephone Regulations will be applied, as far as considered practicable by both the parties.

Article 9

In the preparation of telephone calls and for other operational purposes the operating staff at the Radiotelephonic Stations of the respective Contracting Party shall use English.

Article 10

No charge shall be made for service telephone calls exchanged between the radio telephonic stations of the Contracting Parties and between the officials of the Telecommunications Administrations of the two countries.

Article 11

This Agreement will remain in force- until it is terminated by either of the Contracting Parties by giving a written notice to the other of its intentions six months in advance of the date it is desired to terminate it.

This Agreement shall come into force one month after the date of its signing. This Agreement has been drawn in three languages Hindi, Persian and English and signed on the 23rd of March one thousand nine hundred sixty one at Kabul. All the three texts are of equal authenticity but in case of doubt the English text shall prevail

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the aforesaid Plenipotentiaries have affixed their signatures hereto.

For the Government of India

For the Royal Government of Afghanistan.

India Bilateral

Ministry of External Affairs, India

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