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Geneva, 15 June 1962

The Government of the United States of America and the Government of India,

HAVING carried on tariff negotiations pursuant to Article XXVIII bis of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade at the 1960-61 Tariff Conference of the Contracting Parties to the General Agreement, and

DESIRING to enter immediately into an agreement without awaiting the preparation of a Protocol embodying the results of that Conference,

AGREE as follows

I The provisions of the schedule of each party annexed hereto shall be applied by it as if this Agreement were a Protocol of Supplementary Concessions to the General Agreement.

II The Contracting Parties to the General Agreement are requested to exercise the same functions with respect to the schedules annexed to this Agreement as they would exercise if these schedules were schedules to the General Agreement.

III The provisions of this Agreement relative to the schedule of a party to this Agreement shall enter into force, except as otherwise provided in such schedule, on the thirtieth day following the day on 1 specified in such schedule of have entered into for par ce that party shall have the right to suspend or withdraw them in whole or in part until the thirtieth day following the day upon which the notification pursuation to this section shall have been given by the other party.

IV This Agreement shall terminate at such time as a protocol to t General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade embodying the results of 1960-61 Tariff Conference and incorporating the schedules annexed hereto has entered into force for both the parties to this Agreement

DONE at Geneva this 15th day of June, 1962.

For the Government of the United States of America
Sd /-

For the Government of India


This Schedule is authentic only in the English language
Customs Territory of the United States
Most-Favored-Nation Tariff

(See general notes at the end of this Schedule)

Paragraph Description of Products Rates of Duty/


Oil, distilled or essential, not mixed or compounded with or containing alcohol: sandalwood

Opium containing 8.5% or more anhydrous morphine

9%, ad val.

$ 8.10 per lb of anhydrous morphine content but not less than 81 nor more than $ 1.35 per lb of opium

8% ad val.

$ 7.20 per lb of anyhydous morphine content but not less than $ 1.20 per lb of opium

Paragraph Description of Products Rates of Duty

208 (f)

mica waste and scrap (except phlogopite), valued not over 5 cents per pound 13 % ad val 12 ½ % ad val
209 Talc, steatite or soapstone, and French chalk: Crude and unground 0.08 c per lb 0.05 c per lb
364 Bells (except church and similar bells and carillons and except bicycle, velocipede, and similar bells), finished or unfinished, and parts thereof ...... 22 ½ % ad val 20 %
761 Cashew nuts, shelled or unshelled ......... 1 c per lb 0.7 per lb
764 Other garden and field seeds: Celery ....... 0.8 % ad val 0. 6 % per lb
781 Spices and spice seeds:

Curry and curry powder ......

Mixed spices, and spices and spice seeds not specially provided for, including all herbs or herb leaves in glass or other small packages, for culinary use

1. 6% per lb 1.2 c per lb
1015 Fabrics, with fast edges not over 12 inches wide, and articles made therefrom, wholly or in chief value of vegetable fiber, except cotton:

Webbing wholly or in chief value. of jute :

31 ½ % ad val 28% ad val
1018 ........ Bags or sacks made from plain-woven fabrics of single jute yarns or from twilled or other fabrics wholly of jute:

Bleached, printed, stenciled, painted, dyed, colored, or rendered noninflammable ......... Other ..........

0.5 c per lb and 4% ad val 0.5 c per lb
and 51/2 % ad val
1019 Bagging for cotton, gunny cloth, and similar fabrics, suitable for covering cotton, composed of single yarns made of jute, jute butts, or other vegetable fiber, not bleached, dyed, colored, stained, painted, or printed, not exceeding 16 threads to the square inch, counting the warp and filling, and weighing per square yard ..Not less than 15 nor more than 32 ounces ...... More than 32 ounces ....... 0.45 c per sq. Yd

0.2 c per lb
0.3 c per sq.yd

0.1 c per lb.
1021 Carpets, carpeting, mats, matting and rugs, wholly or in chief value of jute 15 ½ % ad val 14% ad val
1022 Matting and articles made therefrom, wholly or in chief value of cocoa fiber or rattan 4.3 c per sq yd 3.8 c per sq.yd
1507 ........ Natural bristles, sorted, bunched, or

prepared ..........

2 c per lb 1 c per lb
1528 Natural pearls and parts thereof, drilled or undrilled, but not set or strung (except temporarily) 4% ad val 3% ad val
1530(a) Buffalo hides and skins (except hides and skins of the India water buffalo imported to be used in the manufacture of rawhide articles), raw or uncured, or dried, salted, or pickled ......... 3% ad val 2% ad val
1530(c) Vegetable-tanned rough leather made from goat skins (including those commercially known as India-tanned goat skins) ....... 9 % ad val. 8 % ad val.
1656 Coir yarn Free
1669 .......... Senna seeds and sandalwood which are natural and uncompounded drugs and not edible, and not specially provided for, and are in a crude state, not advanced in value or condition by shredding, grinding, chipping, crushing, or any other process or treatment whatever beyond that essential to the proper packing of the drugs and the prevention of decay or deterioration pending manufacture, and not containing alcohol.... Free
1670 Myrobalans fruit, whether crude or advanced in condition or value by shredding, grinding, chipping, crushing, or any similar process, not containing alcohol, and not specially provided for Free
1731 Oils, distilled or essential, not mixed or compounded with or containing alcohol: Lemon grass ......... Free
1821 Mica films and splittings, not-cut or stamped to dimensions ........ Free


1. The provisions of this Schedule are subject to the pertinent notes appearing at the end of Schedule XX (Geneva-1947) annei the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, as authenticated at Geneva on October 30, 1947.

2. Subject to the provisions of this Schedule, to the provision . this Agreement, and to the provisions of section 350(a) ( and. (C) of the Tariff Act of 193;0, the rates specified in the columns in this Schedule will become effective as follows

(a) Rates in Column A will become initially effective on the clay provided therefor in the proclamation by the President of the United States to carry out the provisions of this Agreement. Rates in Column B will become initially effective in each case Indian Tariff Item No. upon the expiration of a full period of one year after the ex 30(8)related rate in Column A became initially effective. A rate ex 39(l) shall be considered as becoming initially effective as indicated ex 40 above even though such rate reflects no change in rate of duty, and notwithstanding duty on the product or products ex 72 concerned is temporarily suspended.

(b) For the purposes of subparagraph (a) above, the phrase ex 72(3) "full period of one-year" means a period or periods ex 72(3)aggregating one year exclusive of the time, after a rate becomes initially effective, when, 'by reason of legislation of the United States or action thereunder, a higher rate of duty is being applied.


India tariff
Item No,
Description Rate of Duty offered
Dried skim milk, that is to say, dried milk powder containing not more than 4 per cent of fat and no added ingredients

Milo and sorghums

Wood rosin

Stockholm tar, refined

Diatomaceous earth

Phosphorous pentoxide

Sulphur dioxide

Phosphorous yellow

Freon type refrigerants

Sodium borate, powder, excluding anhydrous

Ethyl acetate

Diastase of malt and diastase taka


Glucose, pure, powder

Insecticides, fungicides, disinfectants, etc., specified in the annexure



20% ad val.

27% ad val.

40% ad val.

40% ad val.

40% ad val.

40% ad val.

40% ad val.

40% ad val.

40% ad val.

40% ad val.

40% ad val.

40% ad val.

20% ad val.

Indian Tariff Item Number Description Rate of Duty offered
Slate pencils

Rubber hoses

Artificial or reconstituted wood in sheets, in blocks, in boards, except fibre board or the like and other wood simply shaped or worked, n.e..s. other, except wood flour

Machinery specially designed for bleaching and weavingcloth textiles

Earth shifting machinery and parts

Component parts including driving chains of paper-aking machinery, rice and flour milling machinery, saw mills and wood working machinery, namely, such parts only as are essential for the working of the machines or apparatus and have been given for that purpose some special shape or quality which would not be essential for their use for any other purpose; provided that articles which do not satisfy this condition shall also be deemed to be component parts of the machine to which they belong if they are essential to its operation and are imported with it in such quantities as may appear to the Collector of Customs to be reasonable.

Cinema projection apparatus which requires for its operation less than one-quarter of one brake-horse power.

Parts of cinema projection apparatus which requires for its operation less than one-quarter of one brake-horse-power

Metal working machinery other than machine tools

Typewriters, standard size, complete; Electric

Polyethylene moulding powder and granules

30% ad val.

40% ad val.

40% ad val.

10% ad val.

15% ad val

10% adval


35% ad val.

35% ad val.

10% ad val.


15% ad val.

45% ad val.



1. 2-4 Dichlorophenoxy acetic acid, and its esters and salts.

2. Disodium ethylene bis-dithiocarbamate.

3. Ethylene dichloride-Carbon tetrachloride mixture (3: 1)

4. Methyl chlorophenoxy acetic acid i.e. 2-methyl 4-chlorophenoxy acetic acid, its esters and salts.

5. Nicotine and its sulphate including solutions thereof not containing any other pesticidal
compounds such as Derris root and Hellebore.

6. 1 Organo-Phosphatic pesticides of the following type : 0,)-Diethyl-0-p-nitrophenyl thiophosphate (Commonly known as "Parathion'l : hexaethyletraphosphate and tetraethylpyrophosphate but excluding "Malathion".

7. Sulphur dust passing through 300 mesh.

8. Wettable sulphur.

9. Zinc ethylene-bia-dithiocarbamates.

10. 1, 2,3,4, 10, 10-hexachlor-6,7, epoxy-1, 4,4a, 5, 6, 7,8, 8a 8a-octahydro-1, 4, 5, 8-endoe-endo dimethahonapthalene.

11. 1, 2,.3, 4, 10, 10-hexachlor-1, 4, 4a, 5, 8, 8a-hexahydro-1, 4, 5, 8-endo-exo dimethanonaphthalene.

12. 1, 2,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8a-octachlor-2, 3, 3a, 4, 7, 7, 7a-hexahydro-4, 7-methanodene.

India Bilateral

Ministry of External Affairs, India

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