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New Delhi, 27 October 1965

The Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Government of India,

BASING themselves on the friendly relations existing between the two countries, and

BEING guided by their desire to extend the sphere of cooperation in the field of education,

HEREBY agree :

Article I

The Government of USSR shall cooperate with the Government of India in the creation of an Institute which shall be called the “Institute of Russian Studies in New Delhi” hereinafter referred to as the “Institute”. The Institute shall be established in New Delhi and in the due course is expected to be a part of the new Jawaharlal Nehru University after the formation thereof. The participation of the Government of USSR in the Institute is hereafter defined by Articles III to V of the present Agreement.

Article II

The primary objects of the Institute will be educational and research work in the fields of Russian Language and Literature and Study of the life and culture of the Soviet Union. The Institute after further development there of shall also provide for training specialists in other disciplines, especially in natural sciences with knowledge of the Russian language.
The Institute shall as soon as possible after registration thereof as a Society under the Societies Registration Act (21 of 1860) provide :

(a) a one year intensive course in Russian language for practical use in various fields such as trade, diplomatic services, and as a basis for further education in USSR; and in the next stage.

(b) a three-year diploma course in Russian language and literature.

Besides the basic academic courses aforesaid the Institute will also conduct other activities as, for example, the organization of refresher courses, summer school seminars. The Institute shall also regularly conduct work of popular scientific character and assist the translation of books from Russian to Indian languages, and vice versa and with that end in view, a Bureau of Translation, to be created at the earliest opportunity, shall be a constituent element of the Institute.

The Government of India shall confer on the Institute the right to award Diplomas, other documents and certificates to students taking the short-time courses. Further on, the Institute will also start preparing students for courses at the end of which the Nehru University may award them the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in the subjects of Russian language and literature.

Article III

The Government of USSR will grant the Institute as a free gift from the Soviet Union the necessary quantity of books on Russian language, literature and other subjects needed for the creation of a library. The Soviet Government will also grant as a free gift of the Soviet Union some scientific-technical equipment described in the Annexure ‘A’ for the laboratory of the Institute.

With respect to the aforesaid books and equipment the Indian side accepts responsibility for providing the necessary Import Licences, completion of all Customs formalities, unloading the goods from the ships in the Port of Bombay and their subsequent transport to the Institute, and also for the payment of all Customs duties and other taxes, if any, and for bearing all other expenditure on the territory of India.

Article IV

The number of Professors and teachers, which the Government of USSR would send for the Institute from time to time, shall be determined by mutual consultations between the Governments of India and the USSR.

The teachers sent by the Government of USSR shall have the necessary qualifications and experience and their term of work will be determined by consultation with the Government of India.

The Soviet teachers will be sent for work with the Institute on contracts, in accordance with Annexure ‘B’ duly completed in each individual case.

Article V

During the first five years of the work of the Institute, the Government of USSR every year shall accept three to five Indian students or scientific workers intending to work as teachers in the Institute, and provide them with special training over a period of six months in Soviet Universities and other Institutes of Higher Education. The terms of this provision can be subsequently reviewed in the light of the actual requirements of the Institute in teachers and consistent with the availability of qualified personnel in India. All the expenses incurred in connection with the training of Indian students or scientific workers in the Soviet Union will be borne by the Government of USSR. The Government of India will provide for their fare to and from .the soviet Union. The class by which they will be entitled to travel will be determined by the Indian Government.

The subjects to be studied by the aforementioned persons and the syllabus which they will undergo shall be determined by means of consultations between the two Governments or between such organizations or persons which are respectively nominated by them. The place of study in the USSR will be at the discretion of the Soviet Government.

Article VI

The Government of India shall :

(a) construct and maintain in good order the buildings necessary for academic work with an adequate complement of lecture rooms, teachers’ rooms and rooms for other ancillary purposes;

(b) equip the said buildings with electricity, ventilation apparatus, running water and all other necessary equipment except that which shall be provided by the Soviet Union;
(c) ensure the recruitment of teachers and other personnel necessary for academic and research work, organisation and running of library and other administrative work;

(d) determine the amount of scholarships and pay the same to all students successfully conducting their studies in the Institute.

The present Agreement shall( have force for a period of five years after which it can be extended, altered or modified according to the agreement which may be made between the two Parties.

EXECUTED in New Delhi, on twenty-seventh October in the year one thousand nine-hundred and sixty five in duplicate in Russian, Hindi and English, all texts being of equal validity.

For and on behalf of the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Sd /-
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the U.S.S.R. in India.

For and on behalf of the Government of India
Sd /-
Minister of Education,
Government of India.

Sl. No. Article Quantity
1 Tape Recorders 5
2 Record Players 5
3 Gramophone Records with courses of Russian language 130
4 Tape for the Tape Recorder 30,000 metres
5 Dia-films 280
6 Cine Projectors 2
7 Epidioscope 1
8 Educational and popular Scientific films. 10
9 Typewriters with Russian script 2
10 Projectors for Dia-films 5



On which Soviet teachers shall be sent for work in the Institute of Russian Studies, New Delhi.

l. The Soviet teachers shall be sent to work in the Institute of Russian Studies in accordance with the Agreement between the Government of USSR and the Government of India relating to the establishment of this Institute
The teachers sent by the Government of USSR shall have the necessary qualifications and experience of work.

2. Normally the teachers shall be sent on a term of three years. In case a teacher is unable to serve the full term on account of illness or for any other reason, then the Government of USSR shall send in replacement of him another teacher with the same qualifications and on the same conditions.

3. The travel expenses of teacher, the members of his family consisting of his wife and minor children and also the cost of transport of the teacher’s personal baggage from MOSCOW to DELHI and for the return journey shall be borne by the Government of USSR.

4. The Government of India agrees to the assignment of the teachers in the Institute of Russian Studies under the following terms and conditions :

(a) An honorarium of Rs. 350 p.m. for a teacher for every month of work;

(b) Free furnished quarter with necessary municipal service, together with a room air-conditioner and a household refrigerator;

(c) Expenses connected with the official tour inside India, and in case of need, transport from residence to the place of work and back;

(d) The Institute shall pay the amount of income tax that might be imposed on the teachers during their stay in India.

(e) Every teacher, including members of his family will be provided, free of charge, with adequate medical services, including hospitalization as well as drugs while in hospital but otherwise, the cost of drugs shall be paid by the teachers from their own account;

(f) Duty free import of personal effects brought by the Russian teachers which may include the following articles :

(i) One personal automobile or motorcycle;
(ii) One radio or radio gramophone;
(iii) Minor electric appliances and accessories;
(iv) Professional equipment, and gadgets;

Provided these said articles shall be exported when the Russian teachers leave India on the completion of their assignments and that, if any of these articles are disposed of in India, customs duty, at the rate leviable, shall be paid by the teacher concerned before leaving India. If the vehicles imported duty free are intended to be sold in India, then the said vehicles will be offered for sale only to the State Trading Corporation of India Ltd., a Government Company having its registered office at New Delhi. Other articles may also be permitted to be sold, subject to such conditions as the Government of India may impose from time to time.

India Bilateral

Ministry of External Affairs, India

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