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New Delhi, 25 February 1966

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and the Institute of Cultural Relations in the spirit of Item 5 of the Cultural Exchange Programme, signed for the period of 1965-67, for the Execution of the Cultural Agreement between the two countries,

AGREE upon the following items for the promotion and extension of scientific and technical relations :

General Definitions
Article 1

Both parties shall exchange three-member scientists delegations in 1966. The task of the delegations will be to explore those fields of research in pure and applied sciences which may be of mutual interest to both parties or may promote the technical development of either country. The exploration will cover the possibility of sending and receiving scientific and technical educational experts: In order to promote the work of the delegations, both parties shall inform the other the topics for research they intend to study in the other partyís country and also the fields in which they can offer research facilities to the other party.

Article 2

As a result of the exploration referred to in Article 1, both parties guarantee two or three places for research in 1966 for a period of not less than 3 months in subjects defined later. The exploring delegations, on the basis of their experiences, may mutually suggest
the extension of relations and even the direct cooperation of individual institutes.

Article 3

Both parties shall receive outstanding scientists for giving lectures and for familiarising themselves with the scientific work in each otherís country. ,

Article 4

Both parties shall keep each other informed of the themes of international scientific congresses, conferences, and symposia held in the two countries, about their date and the conditions of attendance well in advance.

Article 5

The Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre and the Hungarian Central Technical Library and Documentation Centre shall establish direct contacts. In the spirit of this Article both parties shall exchange bibliographies, publications, documentation materials, photocopies, and microfilm copies.

Article 6

Both parties mutually support the publication and commercial release of scientific and technical books in the other partyís country. For the implementation of this Article both parties shall send a list of the newly published scientific and technical books.

Article 7

Both parties mutually support the exhibition and commercial release of scientific and technical films in each otherís country. For the Implementation of this Article the parties shall send a list of the newly produced scientific and technical/documentary and educational films.

General and Financial Terms

Article 8

In case the parties make an Agreement about scientific and technical exchange that are not included in Items. 1-7, the new Agreement will be part of the present one.

Article 9

Persons travelling under this Agreement will be nominated by the sending party.

Article 10

Both parties shall intimate their proposals at least three months before the work to persons travelling under Article 2. The parties shall give the precise definition of the subject of research, qualifications, scientific degree, scientific publications, if any, knowIedge of languages of the delegate and such other matter. The receiving party shall inform the sending party within six weeks from the acceptance of the nominations about the possibilities and conditions of research of the appointed scientist.

The sending party having received the acknowledgement of the receiving party, shall give full particulars about the exact date of arrival and route of the nominee two weeks in advance.

Article 11

(a) Persons arriving in Hungary on the basis of Article 2 of the Agreement will be given accommodation in the first class hotels and a monthly allowance of 3000 forints for covering expenses.

(b)Persons coming to Hungary under Article 1, 3 and 4 the Hungarian side will provide first class hotel accommodation and daily allowance of 140 forints. If breakfast is included in the hotel accommodation, the daily allowance will amount 1 to 120 forints. If the Hungarian side provides for hotel accommodation and free board, 50 forints pocket money will be paid as daily allowance.

(c)Persons arriving in India under Articles 1 to 4 will be provided free board and lodging in first class hotels as well as Rs. 10 to Rs. 50 per day as pocket money.

d) The sending party shall cover the travelling expenses of delegates under this Agreement to the capital of the receiving country or to the place of research and back including excess weight charges.

(e) Travel expenses within the receiving country in connection with the work of the persons received will be paid by the receiving party.

Article 12

In case of sudden illness of a visitor, the receiving side will provide for free medical treatment including hospitalisation and medicines.

Article 13

Costs in connection with the fulfilment of Articles 5, 6 and 7 of this Agreement will be borne by the sending party in cases which do not fall within the scope of commercial agreements
Article 14

On behalf of the Hungarian party the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Cultural Relations, and on behalf of the Indian party the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research will be responsible for the implementation of Articles 1-4. The Institute of Cultural Relations together with the appropriate Hungarian organisations will care for the implementation of Articles 5, 6 and 7 of the Agreement while on behalf of the Indian Party, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research together with the appropriate Indian organisations will see to the implementation of the Articles mentioned.

Article 15

Both parties agree to exchange their proposals concerning 1967 during the last quarter of 1966 and those concerning 1966 as early as possible.

This Agreement is signed by both parties on the Twenty third day of February, Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-six.

For the Council of Scientitic and Industrial Research, India:

Sd /-
For the Institute of Cultural Relations of the Hungarian Peopleís Republic.

Sd /-
Administrative President.

India Bilateral

Ministry of External Affairs, India

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