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New Delhi, 13 February 1968

The Government of India and The Government of the Mongolian People’s Republic

BEING desirous of developing trade relations between the two Countries,

HAVE agreed upon the following :

HAVE agreed as follows :

Article I

The Contracting Parties will, in every possible way, support development of mutually beneficial trade between the two countries on the basis of mutual respect and equally and will consider with goodwill the suggestions which either party may present for consideration of the other.

Article II

The Contracting Parties will in the course of trade between the two countries accord facilities allowed by their respective laws relating to import and export and foreign exchange rules and regulations. Mutual deliveries of goods between the two countries will be carried out in accordance with Annexure “A” and “B” as may be needed by either of the two Contracting Parties.

Article III

The competent foreign trade organisations of both Contracting Parties and the persons authorised by them will conclude contracts about deliveries of goods covered by the present Agreement.

Article IV

(a) Both contracting Parties will accord each other most favoured treatment in respect of customs duties and charges of any kind imposed on imports or exports, or in connection herewith, in respect of the methods of levying such duties and charges and in respect of rules formalities and charges in connection with customs clearing operations.

(b) The Contracting Parties will grant each other in respect of the import and export licences or permissions where such licences/permissions are prescribed under their regulations, treatment no less favourable than that granted to any other country.

Article V

Any advantages, favour, privilege or immunity granted by either of the Contracting Parties to any product originating in the territory of a third country or destined for its territory shall be granted immediately and unconditionally to the like product originating in the territory of either of the Contracting Parties or designated to be imported into its territory.

Article VI

The provisions of Article IV and V above shall not, however apply to the grant, or continuance of any :

(a) advantages accorded by either party to contiguous countries for the purpose of facilitating frontier traffic;

(b) preferences, or advantages, accorded by either party to any country, as existing on the date of the conclusion of the present Agreement or in replacement of such preferences or advantages that existed prior to the 15th August 1947.

Article VII

The export of goods from India to Mongolia and from Mongolia to India during the period of validity of the present Agreement will be carried out in accordance the the Annexure “A” and “B” the details of which will be agreed upon from time to time between the two Contracting Parties.

The Annexure “A” and “B” can be extended, altered, or renewed by letters exchanged between the two Contracting Parties with mutual consent.

Article VIII

All payments for current transactions between the two countries shall be effected in convertible currency unless otherwise agreed to between the two Parties.

In case the two Parties agreed to payment for goods imported by either country to be settled through a clearing account, such goods shall not be re-exported to any third country, but would be consumed in the importing country unless otherwise agreed to by the two Contracting Parties.

Article IX

Both Parties will take all possible steps to facilitate speedy transportation of their goods sold and purchased under this Agreement.

Article X

Any contract concluded under this Agreement but not carried out before the date of the expiry of this Agreement will continue to be implemented in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

Article XI

The physical and juridical persons in India and the physical and juridical persons in Mongolia may agree that legal dispute arising from contract concluded in commercial or other economic matters shall be referred to arbitration.

Article XII

The two Contracting Parties agree to consult each other on questions that may arise in the course of the implementation of the present Agreement.

Article XIII

The present Agreement will come into force from the date of its signing and will remain valid for a period of three years.

The present Agreement has been drawn up and signed in New Delhi on the 13th February 1968 in two original copies in Mongolian and in English, the Mongolian and English texts being equally authentic.

Sd/- Sd/-
By authority of the Government By authority of the Government
of India Mongolian People’s Republic



1. Fruits, fruit juices and canned products
2. Nuts
3. Pepper and other spices
4. Canned fish
5. Tobacco and tobacco goods
6. Tea

Raw Materials
7. Shellac and goods based on shellac
8. Gum and Rubber
9. Vegetable oil

Industrial goods
10. Ferrous and non-ferrous rolled metals
11. Ferrous and non-ferrous metal ware
12. Light industry machinery
13. Electro technical goods
14. Lifting-handling (transport equipment)
15. Other measuring instruments
16. Chemical goods
17. Mecial equipment and pharmaceuticals
18. Consumer goods
19. Other goods, including films
20. Textiles including woollen, cotton and silk
21. Jute manufactures
22. Tarpaulins.



1. Camel mane unwashed
2. Sheep wool, fleece, washed
3. Sheep wool, autumn, unwashed
4. Lamb’s wool felt, unwashed
5. Horse-hair
6. Got-hair

Skin of animals
7. Horse and camel skins, raw
8. Sheep and goat skins, worked up
9. Baby camel skin, lambskin, raw fur
10. Marmot
11. Fox
12. Wolfskin
13. Squirrel and other furs

Other Goods
14. Tungsten and other metals which do not contain
15. Woollen knitwear
16. Woollen cloth
17. Woollen blankets
18. Tanned skins, leather goods, leather coats, jackets
19. Cattle horns
20. Medicinal herbs
21. Films.


India Bilateral

Ministry of External Affairs, India

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