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New Delhi, 27 February 1970

A Delegation on behalf of the Government of the Polish People’s Republic led by His Excellency Mr. Jerzy Szopa, Minister of Shipping visited India and held discussions at New Delhi with a Delegation representing the Government of the Republic of India led by Shri K Raghu Ramaiah, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Shipping and Transport.

A decade of Maritime cooperation

2. At the inaugural meeting of the two Delegations held on February 23, 1970 Shri K K Raghu Ramaiah welcomed His Excellency Mr Jerzy Szopa and other members of the Polish Delegation, and expressed special gratification that this visit coincided with the completion of ten years of the successful operation of shipping services between India and Poland by the Indo-Polish Shipping Service. His Excellency Mr Jerzy Szopa thanked the Government of India for the invitation and welcome extended to the Polish Delegation and also expressed his appreciation of the friendly and cooperative manner in which the Indo-Polish Shipping Service has been operated by both sides during the past ten years.

Successful Bilateral Service

3. Both Delegations recognised that the bilateral Indo-Polish Shipping Service had not only promoted close maritime relations between the two countries, but had also helped greatly to expand mutual maritime trade between the two countries.

4. The two Delegations reviewed in detail the operation of the Indo-Polish Shipping Service during the preceding ten years, and expressed satisfaction that the volume of trade between the two countries had progressively increased and to cater adequately to this increase, both countries had provided larger number of sailings over the years.

Parity in cargo allocations

5. As regards cargo allocations between the Polish Lines on the one hand and the Indian Lines on the other it was noted with satisfaction that since the last review, efforts, had been made to bring about a more equitable distribution in conformity with the principles embodied in the Indo-Polish Shipping Agreement which provided for parity in respect both of liftings and earnings. Both sides recognised, however, that there was need for further improvement, and with this objective in view the following conclusions were reached :


(i) Efforts would be made to allocate general cargoes as well as low-freighted cargoes such as oilcakes, fertilizers, etc on the basis of equality, so that both sides carried their share of responsibility towards the trade, and also shared the revenues equally.

(ii) Cargo allocations on the aforesaid basis would be made both in the eastbound direction and westbound direction.

(iii) For the carriage of oilcakes, each side would provide adequate owned or chartered tonnage to carry 50% of the total volume of this commodity moving from India to Poland.

(iv) Both sides agreed that the present position in regard to the sharing of transit cargoes between Polish and Indian Lines needed considerable improvement. It was noted that transit cargoes were moving through Polish ports either originating from Hungary and Czechoslovakia or were destined to these countries. Both sides agreed to hold joint discussions at the level of shipping companies with the agencies in the aforesaid countries with a view to secure their agreement for equitably distributing the shipment of these cargoes through Indo-Polish Shipping Service.

(v) It was agreed that it would be advantageous if Messrs. C. Hartwig would post their representative in India with the responsibility of coordinating general cargo shipments from India to Poland. As, however, this was a matter for decision by C. Hartwig, it was agreed that they would be advised suitably of these views.

It was noted that the Indian Lines would post their representative in Poland shortly to attend to the problems of this service at the Polish end.

(vi) It was agreed that more timely exchange of information in regard to cargo liftings and earnings would be desirable. In this connection, it was recalled that both sides had agreed at the meeting held in Poland on 19th September 1968 that the requisite returns would be submitted within 20 days of the sailing of a vessel from last loading port. Both sides reiterated their adherence to this decision, and recorded their desire to implement it regularly henceforth.

(vii) Both sides noted with gratification the possibility of a further progressive expansion in the volume of maritime trade between India and Poland. They agreed that to meet the anticipated increase in trade the partners, of the Indo-Polish Shipping Service would provide adequate tonnage. It was agreed that in order to review operational matters pertaining to this service a meeting should be held at the level of shipping lines of the two countries once a year, or oftener as necessary alternatively in Poland and India.

(viii) It was agreed further that the overall working of these arrangements should be reviewed periodically and that for this purpose, in future, meetings may be held at the Government level once every 3 years.


6. Both sides exchanged views on the scope of containerization in the Indo-Polish Trade. Views were also exchanged on pelletisation, unitisation, preslinging of cargoes etc. in relation to the trade between India and Poland.

7. In addition, the Heads of the two Delegations recorded their appreciation of the friendly and cooperative manner in which the Indo-Polish Shipping Service had been operating so far, and expressed confidence that the same spirit of cordiality and goodwill would continue to prevail leading to closer maritime relations between Poland and India.

8. His Excellency Mr Jerzy Szopa expressed gratitude on behalf of the Members of the Polish Delegation and on his own behalf for the hospitality, and efforts taken by the Government of India and in particular by Shri K Raghu Ramaiah, to make their stay in India pleasant and useful. His Excellency Mr Jerzy Szopa extended an invitation to Shri K Raghu Ramaiah and the Indian Delegation on behalf of the Government of Polish People’s Republic to visit Poland at their convenience, preferably during the current year itself, to hold talks on further scope for improving the maritime trade services between the two countries. Shri K Raghu Ramaiah accepted the invitation. The time of his visit would be settled through the diplomatic channels in due course.

Sd/- Sd/-
Minister of Parliamentary Minister of Shipping
Affairs and Shipping and Transport Government of the Polish
Government of the Republic of India People’s Republic

New Delhi, 27th February 1970.

India Bilateral

Ministry of External Affairs, India

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