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Bucharest, 30 August 1971

The Government of INDIA


The Government of the Socialist Republic of ROMANIA

HAVING IN MIND the ties of friendship and collaboration that have existed between India and the Socialist Republic of Romania on the principles of sovereignty and independence, non-interference in each otherís internal affairs and equality and mutual benefits,

TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the growing importance of the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes in different sectors of national economy and the need therefor the promote and develop nuclear science and technique,

RECOGNISING the need for cooperation between the two countries in matters relating to peaceful uses of atomic Energy which may be developed by mutual coloration by a exchange of scientist, scholarships, acquisition and exchange of material, promotion and exchange of information or results of researches,

HAVE agreed as follows:

Article I

The Contracting Parties will exchange information on research and experiments in the field of peaceful utilisation of atomic energy expect information of a classified nature or any information which either Party is not free to exchange because it has been obtained from or developed in collaboration with a third party.

Article II

The Contracting Parties will, on the basis of reciprocity, offer fellowships and scholarships for the training of the scholars and promote visits of scientists and technicians in fields of mutual interest, for such period of time as may be mutually agreed upon by the Parties.

Article III

The Contracting Parties will arrange for the lease or sale of material and equipment necessary for the fulfillment of their programme of development of the utilisation of atomic energy for peaceful purposes in accordance with specific agreements that may be concluded in the future.

Article IV

The Contracting Parties will cooperate in research, in development of specific projects of mutual interest in such a manner as may be mutually agreed upon from time to time.

The information and results obtained during the collaboration under the present Agreement may not be communicated to a third party unless the Contracting Parties agree.

Article V

The Government of India empowers the Atomic Energy Commission and the Government of the Socialist Republic of Romania empowers the State Committee for Nuclear Energy to carry out the provision of the present Agreement.

Article VI

(a) For the implementation of the present Agreement there will be concluded protocols and conventions between the atomic Energy Commission of India and the State Committee for Nuclear Energy of the Socialist Republic of Romania which will define the details regarding the implementation of the provision deriving from aforementioned Articles I to IV.

(b) The representatives of the Contracting Parties will meet whenever necessary to discuss and coordinate the projects, including matters which imply industrial cooperation and any other matters which may occur during the fulfillment of the present Agreement.

Article VII

The present Agreement shall be approved in accordance with the laws of each Contracting Party and shall come into force on the date of the receipt of the second notification conveying the approval.

The present Agreement is concluded for a period of five years

Unless one of the Contracting Parties has denounced the present Agreement in writing by giving three months notice prior to the expiry of the said five years period, the Agreement shall further remain in force and may be denounced by any one of the Contracting Parties at any time; its validity shall expire with in three months form the date whit in the other Contracting Party has received a written notification of the denouncement.

The protocols and Conventions under implementation on the date of expiry of the present Agreement shall remain in fore till the date of expiry fixed for each one of them , there shall also remain in force the obligations of each Party regarding the information obtained form the other Party.

DONE in Bucharest, on 30th August, 1971, in Hindi, Romanian and English languages, all three versions being equally authentic. In case of doubt the English text shall prevail.

For the Government For the Government of the
Of India Socialist Republic of Romania

Sd/ Sd/-

Ambassador of India Adrian Gerogescu
In the socialist First Vice President of the
Republic of Romania. State Committee for Nuclear Energy.

India Bilateral

Ministry of External Affairs, India

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