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Santiago, 17 April 1972

The Government of the Republic of INDIA


The Government of the Republic of Chile

REAFFIRMING the traditional ties of friendship that exist between their peoples and inspired by the common desire to strengthen the trade relations between the two countries and raise them to the highest possible level;

TAKING note of the evolving international commercial policy regarding closer economic co-operation among developing countries for the efficient utilisation of their resources and the acceleration of their rate of economic development;

DETERMINED to take practical steps to and expand the area of co-operation and undertake joint endeavours to develop mutually beneficial patterns of trade and development;

HAVE agreed as follows :

Article I

Both Contracting Parties commit themselves to endeavour toward strengthening their trade relations aimed at increasing their export and import operations on a basis of mutual benefit.

Article II

The Contracting Parties in accordance with their respective regulations concerning import, export exchange etc. will grant maximum facilities for the import and export of commodities of interest to either of the two Parties. To this end both Governments shall exchange periodically lists of articles available for export to either of the two countries giving wide publicity to these lists.

List A contains the export items of the Republic of Chile and List B covers the export items of the Republic of India.

The present Agreement will not exclude the exchange of commodities which are not included in the above mentioned lists, annexed hereto.

Article III

The Contracting Parties will accord to each other the most favoured nation treatment.

Article IV

The treatment referred to in Article III shall apply both to import as well as to export of products originating in or destined to either Party in so far as it refers to duties of any class, tariffs, rates, taxes or fiscal charges, as well as to administrative procedures, the regime governing the grant of export and import licences for commodities and the foreign exchange regulations.

Article V

The provisions established in the previous Article, shall not apply to :

(1) The benefits, special advantages, privileges and immunities that either of the Contracting Parties has granted or may grant to neighbouring countries.

(2) Whatever special benefit that one or the other of the Contracting Parties has granted or may grant in future under any arrangement acceptable to, the General Agreement of Tariffs and Trade, of which it is or will be a member including inter-regional, regional and sub-regional agreements.

Article VI

In the interest of facilitating mutual trade development, both Contracting Parties will provide to each other all necessary information of a commercial nature relating to their own markets.

Article VII

The Contracting Parties declare their desire that the corresponding authorities of both countries study the possibilities of facilitating the grant of lines of credit for the exportation of capital goods from one country to another.

Article VIII

The Contracting Parties commit themselves to co-operate for mutual benefit with the objective of strengthening the economic relations between the two countries and facilitating the exchange and application of their scientific and technical know-how in the commercial field, particularly through opportunities of technical training and of assistance, wherever necessary.

Article IX

The Contracting Parties shall extend mutual assistance in order to publicise the products, merchandise and possibilities of import and export between the two countries, and furthermore agree mutually to facilitate exhibitions of commodities as well as participation in exhibitions and fairs which take place in the territory of the other party under conditions agreed to by both countries.

Article X

The Contracting Parties shall exchange information in regard to their development programmes in order to determine the area in which industrial co-operation can be organised effectively for their mutual benefit.

Article XI

The nationals of both Contracting Parties shall be permitted to enter, remain, travel or reside in the territory of the other in order to promote trade between the two countries, provided that the exercising of the above mentioned rights are subject to the legal dispositions in force in each country and which are applicable to all foreigners.

Article XII

Merchant ships of either of the Contracting Parties will on entry and departure and during their stay in the Ports of the other Contracting Party, enjoy the most favourable conditions that their respective laws allow to ships under the flag of third countries in so far as port regulations and operations at those ports are concerned.

These stipulations will not apply to any kind of fishing within the limits of national jurisdiction as established by the respective countries or to special dispositions made by both Governments for the protection and development of their national merchant marines.

Article XIII

Regarding maritime transport, the Contracting Parties will grant each other maximum facilities and promote agreements between their national merchant marines for the establishment of a shipping service connecting their ports so that cargo generated by their mutual trade is transported by each of the national fleets on the basis of parity and equality consistent with the services offered by each national fleet.

Article XIV

The Contracting Parties will hold periodic consultations giving fullest consideration to the suggestions which may be formulated for the expansion and diversification of trade between the two countries.

Article XV

Both Contracting Parties agree that the exchange of merchandise between the two countries will be effected by their State Trade Organisations or by juridical or natural persons who engage in foreign trade in their respective countries.

Article XVI

The present Agreement comes into force when both the parties notify each other officially that the respective constitutional procedures have been fulfilled and valid for a period of three years.

In case neither of two parties notifies the other, at least ninety days before its expiry, of its desire to terminate the Agreement, this Agreement shall continue to be in force for successive periods of one year. The Governments of both the Contracting Parties may notify each other, at least ninety days before the expiry of the one of the periods referred to, of their desire to terminate the Agreement.

DONE in Santiago on the 17th day of April 1972 in duplicate in English and Spanish languages, both texts being equally authentic.

For the Government of India For the Government of Chile

Sd/- Sd/-
Minister of Foreign Trade Minister of Trade & Commerce
Minerals and Meals
Elaborated copper
Automobile Parts
Chemical products
Fishing trawlers
Railway Equipment
Engineering products
Construction materials
Pharmaceutical products
Chemical & plastic products
Rubber goods
Mica and Shellac
Jute bags
Precision instruments

India Bilateral

Ministry of External Affairs, India

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