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New Delhi, 12 December 1972

The Government of INDIA


The Government of the United Republic of TANZANIA

DESIROUS of promoting trade and facilitating improved economic relations between their two countries and thereby strengthen further the friendly relations existing between them,

HAVE AGREED as follows:

Article I

The Government of each country shall, within the scope of the laws and regulations in their respective countries, take all measures to facilitate the import of goods between the two countries with the objective of achieving a steadily increasing and more balanced trade.

Article II

Each Contracting Party shall apply to the other within the laws and regulations in force in each country, most-favoured-nation treatment in regard to all matters relating to customs, duties and charges, the importation, exportation, loading and unloading of goods, shipping, port and harbour facilities and issuance of import and export licences.

This provision shall not, however, apply to the grant or continuance of any :

(a) advantages accorded by either contracting Party to neighbouring countries;

(b) advantages resulting from any customs and economic union or free trade area to which either of the Contracting Parties is nor may become a party;

(c) preferences and advantages accorded by India or Tanzania to any third country and existing on the date of this Agreement or in replacement thereof; and

(d) any advantages or preferences accorded under any schemes for expansion of trade and economic cooperation amongst developing countries on a regional or global basis to which either Government is or may become a party.

In so far as they are consistent with the obligation of the Contracting Parties under the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs.

Article III

Subject to their respective import and export customs and tariff regulations, no customs duty shall be imposed, levied or collected by the Government of either country with respect to the importation or exportation of the following from or to the territory of the other :

(a) samples of goods of non-commercial value for use entirely for publicity purposes; and

(b) goods imported for approved exhibitions which are allowed entry on a temporary basis subject to being re-exported.

The above exemptions shall apply in accordance with the provisions of the International Convention to facilitate the importation of commercial samples and advertising.

Article IV

Payments for all transactions resulting with the applications of this Agreement shall be made in a freely convertible currency which is acceptable to the two Governments.

Article V

The present Agreement shall come into force on the date on which notes shall have been exchanged confirming that the present Agreement has been ratified in accordance with the legal procedure of each country. It shall remain in force for a period of one year and the working of the agreement shall be subjected to a comprehensive review at the expiry of six months from the date of the Agreement coming into force.

DONE at New Delhi on the twelveth day of December One Thousand Nine Hundred and Seventy two in two original copies in the English Language, both texts being equally authentic.

For the Government of India For the Government of the
United Republic of Tanzania
Sd/- Sd/-
Minister of Foreign Trade Minister for Commerce and Industry
Leader of the Indian Delegation Leader of the Tanzanian Delegation

India Bilateral

Ministry of External Affairs, India

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