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Brussels, 21 September 1973

The Republic of INDIA


The Kingdom of BELGIUM

INSPIRED by a common desire to establish and develop closer cultural relations and

DESIROUS of promoting and developing in every possible manner such relations and understanding between India and Belgium, specially in the realm of culture, art,science, technology and education,

HAVE DECIDED to conclude an Agreement for cultural, scientific and technical cooperation and for that purpose, have nominated their respective plenipotentiaries i.e.

For the Government of of Republic of India : Ambassador of India

For the Government of the Kingdom of Belgium : Minister of Foreign Affairs

WHO, after having exchanged their credentials and found them in good and due form

HAVE agreed as follows :

Article 1

The Contracting Parties shall facilitate and encourage cooperation between universities and other institutions of higher education, technical, artistic, secondary and teachers training schools, scientific and artistic associations, academies, museums and libraries in the two countries.

Article 2

The Contracting Parties shall exchange university professors and teachers in higher educational institutions and members of scientific bodies.

Article 3

The Contracting Parties undertake to encourage exchange of books, magazines and publications of literary, artistic, cultural, educational and scientific nature between universities, academies, libraries and other educational, scientific and cultural organisations.

Article 4

Each Contracting Party shall endeavour to step up the exchange of scholarships to enable the nationals of either country to pursue their studies or research work and to complete their scientific, educational, technical and artistic training in the other country.

Article 5

Each Contracting Parties shall examine on what conditions and to what extent the equivalence of diplomas and academic grades and other certificates obtained in the territory of the other Party can be recognized.

In addition, the Parties shall examine to what extent partial equivalence can be accorded to studies undertaken in the other Party's territory.
Article 6

The Contracting Parties shall encourage the reciprocal visits of professors, educationists, writers, artists and other experts for study tours, delivering lectures and participation in conferences, congresses, seminars and important cultural and artistic events.

Article 7

The Contracting Parties shall afford in their respective countries all possible facilities to scientists, research workers and scientific and educational delegations from the other Contracting Party in order to help them in their studies and researches, particularly by giving them access to educational institutions, pedagogic institutes, laboratories, libraries, archieves and museums.

Article 8

The Contracting Parties shall encourage dissemination of knowledge of each otherís culture through radio, press, television films and similar other channels of mass media.

Article 9

The Contracting Parties shall grant each other necessary assistance for the organisation in their respective countries of concerts, ballet, theatrical, performances, art, scientific and technical exhibitions by the other Party.

Article 10

The Contracting Parties shall encourage cooperation between their recognised youth organisations and the organisations for adult education. They will facilitate exchanges in the field of physical education and sports.

Article 11

The Contracting Parties shall endeavour through all means in their power and subject to the laws in each country to ensure that text-books do not contain any misrepresentation about the country of the other Party.

Article 12

The Contracting Parties shall encourage the translation, publication and diffusion of scientific, technical, artistic and literary works of authors of the other Party. They shall facilitate the publication, in their own specialised reviews of articles of scientific and cultural nature dealing with the other party.

Article 13

Each Contracting Party shall welcome the creation of cultural institutes for educational and cultural purposes on its territory subject to the laws and regulations in force.

Article 14

The Contracting Parties shall encourage initiatives undertaken to develop tourism between the two countries with a view to promoting better understanding between them and strengthen their friendship.

Article 15

1. For the fulfillment of the objective of the present Agreement, a permanent Indo-Belgian Commission consisting of ten members shall be constituted.

2. The five Belgian members of the Permanent Commission shall be nominated by the Ministers incharge of National Education and Culture with the concurrence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The five Members shall be appointed by the Government of India.

3. The Permanent Commission shall meet at least once every two years, alternatively in India and Belgium.

4. The objects of the Commission will be :

(a) To keep under periodical review the working of the Agreement;

(b) To advise the Governments on the detailed manner of carrying out the Agreement;

(c) To formulate cultural, scientific and educational exchange programmes and reviewing their progress;

(d) To recommend to the Party concerned any items of interest to either Party in the fields within the scope of the Agreement; and

(e) Generally to advise the Government concerned as to the manner in which the working of the Agreement may be improved upon.

5. The Permanent Commission may invite experts to attend its meetings in an advisory capacity.

Article 16

The present Agreement shall come into force on the date of exchange of the instruments of ratification, to take place at New Delhi and shall remain in force until the expiry of six months from the date on which either of the Contracting Parties shall give notice in writing to its intention to terminate the Agreement.

In case of termination, the position enjoyed by various beneficiaries shall continue till the end of the year then running and in the case of scholars, till the end of the academic year then running.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Plenipotentiaries authorised, therefore, have signed the present Agreement and affixed their seals thereon.

DONE at Brussels on the 30th day of Bhadra the Saka Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety-five corresponding to the 21st day of September One Thousand Nine Hundred and Seventy-three in eight originals, two each in Hindi, Dutch, French and English languages, each text being equally authentic.

For the Government of India For the Government of the Kingdom of Belgium

Sd/- Sd/-
Ambassador of India Minister of Foreign Affairs

India Bilateral

Ministry of External Affairs, India

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