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New Delhi, 31 January 1973

The Government of INDIA


The Government of GREECE

DESIROUS of expending, strengthening and intensifying their economic, trade and commercial relations on the basis of equality and mutual benefit

HAVE AGREED as follows :

Article 1

Both Contracting Parties shall, subject to their respective import, export, foreign exchange and other regulations in force from time to time given maximum possible facilities and take all possible measures to promote trade between the two countries generally and in particular with regard to the commodities mentioned in the attached schedules )Annexure I and Annexure II) of this Agreement. To this end, the two Contracting Parties shall periodically review the schedules and give wide publicity to the items available for import from either country.

These schedules are indicative in nature and shall not be construed as precluding trade in goods and commodities not enumerated in the said schedules.

Article 2

All payments shall be made in freely convertible currency in accordance with the laws and regulations in force from time to time in the two countries.

Article 3

Subject to their respective laws and regulations, both Contracting Parties agree to grant to each other all possible facilities and assistance for :

(a) Holding in its territory by the other Contracting Party and its nationals of economic and commercial exhibitions and displays;

(b) The importation, duty free of goods, materials and equipment to be used for such exhibitions and displays on condition that they are re-exported within a limited period; and

(c) The sale of goods, materials and equipment referred to above in the territory where they have been used subject to the payment of duty.

Article 4

Subject to laws and regulations in force in both countries, the merchant ships belonging to either of the two Contracting Parties shall enjoy, in respect of all matters relating to navigation, free entry into the ports open to foreign trade, use of port facilities, loading and unloading dues, taxes and other facilities a treatment in no way less favourable than the treatment accorded to their ships flying the flags of either of Contracting Parties, except that any concessions accorded to ships engaged in the internal coastal trade of either Party which shall not be available under this article to the other Party.

Article 5

Nationals and companies of either Party shall be accorded treatment no less favourable than that accorded to nationals and companies of any third country with respect to payments, remittances and transfers of funds or financial instruments directly or indirectly between the territories of the two Parties in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Party in force from time to time.

Article 6

Nationals and companies of either Party shall be accorded treatment no less favourable than that accorded to nationals and companies of any third country in respect of protection of their persons and properties and for carrying on commercial activities.

Article 7

The Contracting Parties undertake to promote cooperation in the economic and technical fields between the two countries.

Article 8

The Contracting Parties shall facilitate the intensification and expansion of commercial relations between the countries to the maximum possible extent.

Article 9

Both Contracting Parties agree to meet annually, alternatively in New Delhi and in Athens for the achievement of the objectives set out above, to facilitate proper implementation of this Agreement, settle any difficulties which might arise therein and to devise concrete steps to deepen and widen economic and commercial relations between the two countries on a mutually beneficial basis.

Article 10

This Agreement shall come into force from the date of its signature and shall remain valid in the first instance for a period of one year and shall continue to be in force from year to year, subject to such modifications as may be mutually agreed upon, unless either Party gives to the other at least three months’ notice prior to the expiration of each period of its intention to terminate the Agreement.

DONE and signed in duplicate at New Delhi on 31st January 1973 in Hindi and English languages, both texts being equally authentic. In case of doubt the English text shall be taken up for reference.

Sd/- Sd/-
for the Government of India for the Government of Greece


1. Fresh, chilled and frozen meat
2. Fresh, frozen and canned vegetables, fruits and sea-foods
3. Human hair, wigs and wiglets
4. Bristles
5. Coffee
6. Tea
7. Spices, pickles, chutneys and condiment
8. Lac
9. Natural gums and resins
10. Essential oils
11. Unmanufactured tobacco
12. Cigarettes, cigars and other manufactures of tobacco
13. Mineral ore including Mica
14. Cement
15. Iron and steel scrap
16. Chemicals and pharmaceuticals (covered by BT Nos. 2701-3209)
17. Plastic manufactures
18. Manufactures of rubber
19. Leather and leather products
20. Timber, plywood and veneers
21. Handloom silk, woollen and cotton fabrics
22. Fabrics made out of man-made fibre
23. Jute goods
24. Coir goods
25. Woollen carpets
26. Linoleum
27. Rubber soled canvas shoes
28. Umbrellas
29. Sanitary fittings
30. Crockery of ceramics
31. Precious and semi-precious stones
32. Pig iron
33. Iron and steel products
34. Manufacture of copper
35. Aluminium ingots
36. Hand tools, small tools and machine tools
37. Razor blades
38. Locks and padlocks
39. Internal combustion diesel engines, and semi-diesel engines over/than 50 HP
40. Machinery propelled road rollers
41. Scientific and laboratory equipment
42. Agricultural machinery
43. Paper and paper-board
44. Textile machinery
45. Typewriters, calculating machines and data processing machines
46. Household sewing machines
47. Electrical machinery
48. Telephone and transmission equipment
49. Auto ancillaries and components
50. Bicycles
51. Surgical and medical instruments
52. Gramophone records
53. Movie picture
54. Wooden and steel furniture
55. Toys and dolls
56. Sports goods
57. Works of art and antique
58 .Shock absorbers, tractor parts
59. Ignition equipment, transformers more than 1600 kW and other electrical parts
60. Machine tools - light and heavy
61. Communication equipment
62. Traffic lights and signalling equipment
63. Lacquer paints
64. Hoze high pressure and hydraulic brake lining
65. Marine diesel engines 3 HA - 15 AP and up
66. Drilling equipment
67. Caterpillar tractors
68. Jeep spares
69. Cinema projecting machines


1. Dried fruits
2. Fruit juices
3. Vegetables and fruits prepared or preserved
4. Olives and olive oil
5. Jams, marmalades and sweets
6. Tomato paste
7. Leaf tabacco
8. Mastic
9. Carobs and carob seeds and flour
10. Vegetable fats
11. Aromatic and pharmaceutical leaves
12. Grape wine and other alcoholic beverages
13. Natural sponges
14. Acorns
15. Fish, frozen, preserved in tins or in brine
16. Sulphur refined
17. Gypsum and marbles
18. Sanitary ware
19. Emery
20. Pumic stone
21. Chemical products
22. Essential oils
23. Chemical fertilizers (Nitrogenous, phosphatic)
24. Colophony and turpentine
25. Tanning extracts
26. Dyestuffs and paints
27. Pharmaceutical products
28. Polysterene
29. Plastic items including flexible tubes
30. Tyres and tubes
31. Raw cotton
32. Paper and paper products
33. Aluminium ingots
34. Steel sheets, galvanised steel sheets
35. Wire and cables
36. Agricultural and industrial machinery, tools and implements
37. Metal wares, such as chains, saws, shovels, hammers, cutlery, pins, household wares,
fans, pressing irons, etc
38. Bronze and items thereof
39. Well vertical turbine pumps
40. Diesel engines
41. Electric motors, insulators, transformers, switches and plugs
42. Cartridges, cartridge cases, caps and powder for hunting
43. Photographic films and cameras
44. Ships cargo, passenger ships, ferry boats.

India Bilateral

Ministry of External Affairs, India

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