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New Delhi, 22 May 1974

The Government of INDIA


The Government of the Republic of SENEGAL,

CONSCIOUS of the necessity to harmonise international trade for better cooperation between their peoples, and

DESIROUS of strengthening and extending trade relations between the two countries on basis of equality and mutual interest,

HAVE decided to conclude the following Trade Agreement :

Article I

The Contracting Parties shall take all appropriate measures within the framework of their respective laws and regulations in force from time to time to maximise trade between the two countries, more particularly with regard to goods and commodities mentioned in Schedules I and S attached to this Agreement. These Schedules shall constitute an integral part of the Agreement.

The above mentioned Schedules are illustrative and shall not be construed as excluding goods and commodities not enumerated therein.

Article 2

Each Contracting Party shall accord to the import and export trade and commerce of the other Contracting Party most favoured nation treatment in matters of duties, taxes, levies and charges applicable to such trade and commerce.

The provision of paragraph 1 above shall not, however, apply to any :

(a) advantages accorded by either Party to the contiguous countries,

(b) perferences and advantages resulting from any customs union or free trade area, to which either Party is or may become a Party or existing special arrangements between India or Senegal with any country or group of countries,

(c) advantages or preferences accorded under any scheme for expansion of trade and economic cooperation amongst developing countries on a regional or global basis, to which either Government is or may become a Party, in so far as they are consistent with the obligations of the Contracting Parties under the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs.

Article 3

With a view to promoting trade exchanges between the two countries, trade fairs and commercial exhibitions will be encouraged by each of the Contracting Parties in the territory of the other, subject to their respective laws and regulations.

Article 4

Payments between the Contracting Parties will be effected in any convertible foreign currency acceptable to both countries.

Article 5

With a view to facilitating their trade exchanges, each Contracting Party undertakes to furnish, at the request of the other, selling and buying possibilities of goods originating from each country.

Article 6

With a view to identifying all the measures necessary for implementation of this Agreement, to review from time to time the progress made and to resolve the problems, if any, that may arise, the Contracting Parties agree to establish a Joint Committee.

The Committee shall meet at least once a year alternately in India and in Senegal, on the initiative of the two Governments.

The Committee shall determine the procedure for its deliberations and shall establish, if necessary, sub-committees or working groups.

Recommendations of the Joint Committee shall be submitted for the approval of the two Governments.

Article 7

The present Agreement is concluded for a period of one year and shall be renewed by tacit approval from year to year so long as either Contracting Party will not have terminated it by giving to the other a prior notice of three months before the date of any period of its expiry.

This Agreement shall be submitted for the approval of the concerned authorities of each Contracting Party in conformity with the constitutional arrangements of their respective States and shall come into force after each Contracting Party would have notified the : other of such approval.

Article 8

The provision of this Agreement shall remain applicable even after its termination in respect of contracts concluded during its duration but not executed or partially executed at the time of its termination.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, the Plenipotentiaries accredited by the Government of India on the one hand and by the Government of the Republic of Senegal on the other have signed this Agreement and have affixed their respective seals.

DONE at New Delhi, on 22nd day of May in the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy four, in three languages, Hindi, English French, all the three texts being authentic.

Sd /-
Ministry of External Affairs
For the Government of India

Sd /-
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
For the Government of the Republic of Senegal


1. Textiles
Silk, art silk and rayon fabrics,
Woollen and silk manufactures,
Handloom fabrics,
Jute manufactures.

2. Food and Beverages

3. Chemical products
Chemicals and chemical preparations, pharmaceuticals;
Drugs and medicines,
Paints, pigments and varnishes.

4. Engineering Goods
Mechanical equipment and apparatus,
Printing machinery,
Diesel engines,
Pumps driven by diesel engines and electric motors,
Sewing machine and spares,
Textile machinery,
Machine tools,
Hand tools and small tools,
Small river crafts,
Sugar mills machinery,
Rice and flour milling machinery,
Ball bearings,
Agricultural implements,
Automobiles and their parts and spare parts.

5. Electrical Goods
Electrical appliances and accessories such as conduit pipes, switches, bells, holders; cutouts, etc.
Transmission line towers,
Electric bulbs and tubes,
Generators, portable and fixed radio-receivers,
Electric torch lights,
Electric motors, telephone apparatus and equipment,
Ebonite sheets, rods and tubes,
Cables and wires,
Other electrical equipment and apparatus.

6. Household and Building Requirements
Utensils including stainless steelware,
Household electric appliances such as cooking ranges, heater, electric irons, toasters; Kettles, etc.,
House electrical fitting and fixtures.
Roofing tiles,
Sanitary ware,
G.I. Pipes and fittings,
Manhole covers and plates,
Hurricane lamps,
Iron and steel buckets,
Kerosene stoves,
Incandescent oil pressure lamps,
Safes, strong boxes and room fittings,

7. Hardware
Locks and padlocks,
Bolts, nuts, screws and hinges, etc..
Steel furniture and hospital appliances.
Scientific instruments of all types,
Weighing machines,
Surgical and medical instruments.

8. Rubber Manufactures
Tyres and tubes,
Other rubber manufactures.
Leather manufactures including artificial leather goods.

10. Handicrafts and cottage industry products.

11. Miscellaneous
Dyeing and tanning substances,
Lac and shellac,
Paraffin wax.
Myrobalan and myrobalan extracts,
Glass and glasswares including tablewares glass,
Books and printed matter,
Sports goods,
Spectacle frames.
Writing and printing inks,
Fountain pens and pencils,
Cigars and cigarette,
Fire extinguishers,

Such other items as may become available for export from time to time.


1. Living animals.
2. Titanic and Zircon ore.
3. Petroleum products.
4. Pharmaceutical products.
5. Calcium phosphate and aluminum phosphate.
6. Rock phosphate.
7. Skins and leathers.
8. Cotton.
9. Chemical fertilizers.
10. Raw cashewnuts.
11. Miscellaneous.

India Bilateral

Ministry of External Affairs, India

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