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Lima, 26 August 1975

The Government of the Republic of INDIA


The Government of the Republic of PERU,

ACKNOWLEDGING the existing friendly relations between the peoples of India and Peru,

CONSIDERING THAT the peoples of India and Peru have a common interest in the economic progress and that their joint efforts in the interchange of technical knowledge and industrial skill shall be of great assistance in achieving the said aim,

DESIROUS of developing a closer cooperation in the technical and scientific fields on the basis of equality and mutual benefit,

CONVINCED THAT such cooperation between peoples of both countries shall promote the interests of other developing countries,

HAVE AGREED to the following :

Article I

The Government of India and the Government of Peru shall, pursuant to the conditions specified in this Agreement, facilitate and promote any technical and scientific cooperation considered mutually profitable to the economies of both countries.

Article II

This Basic Agreement for Technical and Scientific Cooperation shall be implemented by the Parties through separate specific agreement s which will be concluded between authorised agencies and institutions in both countries. These agreements shall be subject to the prior approval by the Governments pursuant to the regulations in force in each country and to the relevant international agreements and other obligations of the Parties.

Article III

The Technical and Scientific Cooperation between both countries shall include, inter alia, the following activities, which shall be eventually expanded to cover other course of action as may be reciprocally useful:

(a) interchange of technical personnel for training in technical, scientific and other institutions, factories and other production centers in each country; granting of scholarships and courses to provide training or other facilities to students of each country;

(b) interchange of experts from each country with the purpose of imparting technical knowledge by means of lectures, instruction and participation in other fields of technical cooperation; provision of expertsí services for specialised services in certain technical fields;

(c) interchange and provision of technical documentation, locally manufactured equipments and information thereon;

(d) cooperation in scientific work between technical and scientific organizations and institutions in both countries, including interchange of information, books and literature on economic, social and scientific themes;

(e) joint preparation of scientific and technical programmes; analysis and approval of joint research projects, the results of which could be applied to various field of economic activity;

(f) cooperation in consultancy services; and

(g) creation of centres of technical and scientific documentation and consolidation of professional and technical centres.

Article IV

Unless otherwise agreed upon between them, the Parties agree not to disclose to the third countries the results of the technical and scientific cooperation or the related research work.

Article V

The representatives of the two Parties shall meet periodically either in New Delhi or in Lima to review and evaluate the progress achieved in the implementation of this Agreement and the specific agreements referred to in Article II. The decisions taken at these meetings, however, shall be subject to the approval of the Governments of both the countries.

Article VI

The experts appointed for the performance of the tasks provided for in this Agreement shall be subject to the laws of the country to which they have been assigned. The Government receiving the services must safeguard the Government providing said services and its experts from any responsibility arising from damages caused by the experts in Acts of God or force major cases during the normal execution of the tasks entrusted to them under this Agreement; any other responsibility shall be subject to the legal regulations of the country in which the expert is rendering services.

Article VII

The government receiving the services of experts and technicians under this Agreement shall, in as much as its resources and laws will permit, make available to them all facilities required for the normal discharge of their functions. The experts and technicians and their families shall be entitled to such customs or fiscal privileges as may be agreed upon between the Parties by an exchange of Notes, on a basis of reciprocity.

Article VIII

The present Agreement shall remain in force for automatically renewable periods of five years, unless it is terminated by a notice sent by one of the Parties to the other at least six months before the expiry of the Agreement. The contents of this Article shall not affect the performance of the programmes which are underway at the time of termination.

Article IX

This Agreement shall enter into force when both the Parties have completed the relevant internal statutory formalities in regard to this Agreement and have informed each other of the same through a Note.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Plenipotentiaries of both countries duly authorised by their respective Governments have

SIGNED this Agreement in Lima on the 26th day of August, 1975 in two originals each in Hindi, Spanish and English languages, all the texts being equally authentic.

For the Government of India For the Government of Peru

Sd/- Sd/-
Minister of External Affairs MIGUEL ANGEL DE LA FLOR VALLE

India Bilateral

Ministry of External Affairs, India

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