Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Arbitration Act (No. 11 of 1995)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Application  
   3.	   Form of arbitration agreement  
   4.	   Arbitrability of the dispute  
   5.	   Jurisdiction of Court in respect of dispute covered by arbitration agreement  
   6.	   Number of Arbitrator  
   7.	   Appointment of arbitrators  
   8.	   Termination of Arbitrator's mandatory and removal of Arbitrator  
   9.	   Appointment of substitute arbitrator  
   10.	   Grounds for challenge  
   11.	   Competence of Arbitral Tribunal  
   12.	   Severability of agreement  
   13.	   Interim measures of protection  
   14.	   Settlement  
   15.	   Duties of Arbitral tribunal  
   16.	   Place of arbitration  
   17.	   Determination of rules of procedure  
   18.	   Commencement of arbitral proceedings  
   19.	   Manner in which decisions are made  
   20.	   Parties may obtain summons  
   21.	   Refusal or failure to attend before arbitral tribunal  
   22.	   Evidence before arbitral tribunal  
   23.	   Representation  
   24.	   Law applicable to the substance of dispute  
   25.	   Form and content of award  
   26.	   Award to be final  
   27.	   Correction and interpretation of award; Additional awards  
   28.	   Interest  
   29.	   Compensation of arbitrators  
   30.	   Award not withheld  
   31.	   Application for filing and enforcement of award  
   32.	   Application for setting aside arbitral award  
   33.	   Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards  
   34.	   Grounds for refusing recognition or enforcement  
   35.	   Power to consolidate an application to set aside with an application for filing of an award  
   36.	   Remissions to arbitral tribunal  
   37.	   Appeals  
   38.	   Exclusion agreement  
   39.	   Delay in prosecuting claims  
   40.	   Procedure  
   41.	   Enforcement  
   42.	   Service of notices and summons  
   43.	   Rules of the Supreme Court  
   44.	   Calculation of time  
   45.	   Liability of Arbitrator  
   46.	   Death of party  
   47.	   Repeals  
   48.	   Application to other Laws providing for arbitration  
   49.	   Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency   
   50.	   Interpretation  

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