Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Arthur C. Clarke Centre For Modern Technologies Act (No. 30 of 1984)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Incorporation of the Centre for Modern Technologies  
   3.	   Aims and objects of the Centre  
   4.	   Members of the Board  
   5.	   Proceedings of the Board  
   6.	   Remuneration for members of the Boards  
   7.	   Act or proceedings of the Board deemed not to be invalid by reason of any vacancy or defect in the appointment of a member  
   8.	   Eligibility for re appointment as member of the Board  
   9.	   Powers, duties and functions of the Board  
   10.	   Power of Board to make rules  
   11.	   Power of Board to appoint a Council and Committees  
   12.	   Minister to issue general or special directions  
   13.	   Appointment of the Director, Deputy-Director and other officers of the Centre  
   14.	   Powers of the Board in regard to appointments to the staff of the Centre  
   15.	   Powers of Director and Deputy Director  
   16.	   Appointment of public officers and servants of the Local Government Service to the staff of the Centre  
   17.	   Departments of the Centre  
   18.	   Academic staff of Departments  
   19.	   Professor to function as Director or Deputy Director  
   20.	   Professional and Academic staff of the Centre  
   21.	   Centre entitled to receive grants from any source  
   22.	   Government grant  
   23.	   Funds of the Centre  
   24.	   Payments out of the Fund  
   25.	   Withdrawal and investment of moneys of the Fund  
   26.	   Centre to be exempt from payment of any rates and taxes imposed by any local authority  
   27.	   Financial year of the Centre and audit of accounts  
   28.	   Government to make available premises for use of the Centre  
   29.	   Protection of members of the Board and officers of the Centre  
   30.	   No writ to lie against person or property of any member of the Board or an officer of the Centre  
   31.	   The Centre deemed to be a Scheduled Institution within the meaning of the Bribery Act  

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