Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Animal Feed Act (No. 15 of 1986)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Licensing Authority for animal feed  
   3.	   Licensing  
   4.	   Application for license  
   5.	   Issue of licence  
   6.	   Approved animal feed  
   7.	   Sale of approved animal feed  
   8.	   Animal Feed Advisory Committee  
   9.	   Rules  
   10.	   Functions of the committee  
   11.	   Particulars to be stated on the print or label  
   12.	   Committee to make continuing studies and report  
   13.	   Committee to furnish report on request of Minister  
   14.	   Publication of studies and reports  
   15.	   Cancel1ation of licence  
   16.	   Alternation in container or composition  
   17.	   Appeals  
   18.	   Prohibition on manufacture, sale and distribution of approved animal feed  
   19.	   Approved animal feed deemed to be adulterated  
   20.	   Approved animal feed deemed to be misbranded  
   21.	   Minimum standard to be maintained  
   22.	   Warranty  
   23.	   Authorized officer and their functions  
   24.	   Analysis of sample  
   25.	   Examination at Customs  
   26.	   Seizure of suspected approved animal feed  
   27.	   Feed  
   28.	   Penalty for a contravention of this Act  
   29.	   Forfeiture  
   30.	   Protection for action taken in good faith  
   31.	   Regulations  
   32.	   Interpretations  

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