Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Buddhist And Pali University Of Sri Lanka Act (No. 74 of 1981)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Establishment of the Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka  
   3.	   Objects of the University  
   4.	   Powers of the University  
   5.	   Distinctions of race, creed, class or religion prohibited  
   6.	   Affiliated colleges of the University  
   7.	   Compulsory subjects for examinations of the University,  
   8.	   The Chancellor  
   9.	   officers of the University  
   10.	   The Vice-Chancellor  
   11.	   Registrar  
   12.	   The librarian,  
   13.	   The Bursar  
   14.	   Sections 22, 23, 24 and 25 to apply to certain officers  
   15.	   The Authority of the University  
   16.	   The Council  
   17.	   Powers, duties and functions of the Council  
   18.	   Appointment of ad hoc committees,  
   19.	   Holding of the convocation University  
   20.	   Appointment to the staff to be made by the Council  
   21.	   Appointment to posts;  
   22.	   Retirement of persons other than the examiner  
   23.	   Appeal against dismissal or compulsory retirement  
   24.	   Appointment of public officers and servants of the Local Government Service or of any local authority to the staff of the University  
   25.	   Appointment officers and servants of Higher Educational Institutions to the staff of the University  
   26.	   Establishment of the Buddhist and Pali University of Sri -Lanka Provident Fund  
   27.	   Regulation of the Provident Fund  
   28.	   Contribution to the Provident Fund  
   29.	   Repayments to contributors,  
   30.	   Deductions from Provident Fund first charge  
   31.	   Financial year  
   32.	   The University Fund  
   33.	   Grants in aid of University  
   34.	   Duties of Bursar  
   35.	   The Council to consider annual estimates and annual appropriations  
   36.	   Supplementary estimates  
   37.	   Transfer of funds from one vote to another  
   38.	   Audit of accounts  
   39.	   Exemption of the University from rates  
   40.	   Indemnity for acts in good faith  
   41.	   Vacancies or defects not to invalidate resolutions or proceedings  
   42.	   Gifts amp; c  
   43.	   No writ to issue against person or property of a member of the University  
   44.	   Officers and servants of the University deemed to be public servants under the Penal Code  
   45.	   University deemed to be a scheduled institution within the meaning of the Bribery Act  
   46.	   Regulations  
   47.	   Provisions of Act No. 16 of 1978 not to apply,  
   48.	   Interpretation  

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