Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Bank Debits Tax Act (No. 27 of 1970)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Charge of tax on debits again current accounts  
   3.	   Exemptions from the tax  
   4.	   Liability to pay the tax  
   5.	   Collection and remittance of the tax  
   6.	   Expenses of collection and remittance of the tax  
   7.	   When the tax due from a person is deemed to be in default and is to be a charge on all his assets  
   8.	   Proceedings for recovery of the tax in default  
   9.	   Behind of sums paid or recovered as the tax on debits that are exempted from the tax  
   10.	   Powers conferred on the Central Bank of Ceylon for the purposes of this Act  
   11.	   Procedure for opening a special current account  
   12.	   Punishment for false declaration made for opening a special current account, and recovery of the tax on debits made against that account  
   13.	   Closure of a special current account on Minister's order  
   14.	   Punishment for noncompliance with provisions of this Act by a commercial bank  
   15.	   Certificate relating to total amount of debits &c, to be sent to the Deputy Secretary to the Treasury every three months  
   16.	   Regulations  
   17.	   Interpretation  

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