Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Business Names Act (No. 7 of 1987)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Firms and to be registered  
   3.	   Firm or person in Sri Lanka acting on behalf of foreign principal or foreign group  
   4.	   Particulars to be furnished by an individual &c., who is a non-citizen  
   5.	   Particulars of registration  
   6.	   Statement furnished after commencement of Act notwithstanding earlier registration  
   7.	   Commencement of new business or change in business name  
   8.	   Prohibited business name  
   9.	   Section - 9  
   10.	   Penalty for default in registration  
   11.	   Disability of persons in default  
   12.	   Penalty for false statements  
   13.	   Appointment of Registrar and his duties  
   14.	   Additional Registrars and Assistant registrars  
   15.	   Establishment of Registry  
   16.	   Duty to furnish particulars to Registrar  
   17.	   Power of search  
   18.	   Registrar to file statement and issue certificate of registration name board and number to be exhibited  
   19.	   Index to be kept  
   20.	   Notice of cessation and removal of name from register  
   21.	   Power to refuse registration  
   22.	   Power to terminate registration  
   23.	   Penalty for use of business name which has been refused or terminated  
   24.	   Notice of refusal or termination of registration  
   25.	   Appeals  
   26.	   Exemption from stamp duty  
   27.	   Inspection of registered statements and issue of certified copies  
   28.	   Power to make copies of damaged volumes of any register, file or document and to prepare and insert reconstituted folios  
   29.	   Service of notice  
   30.	   Destruction &c. of old records   
   31.	   Certified copies, to be evidence  
   32.	   Power of Registrar to consider application as having lapsed  
   33.	   Power to make regulations  
   34.	   Penalty for false statements or falsely representing business names as registered  
   35.	   Offences by Corporations  
   36.	   Compounding of certain offences  
   37.	   Business carried on by local manager  
   38.	   Exercise of discretionary power by Registrar  
   39.	   Correction of clerical errors  
   40.	   No suit to lie against Registrar  
   41.	   Registrar may take directions of law officers  
   42.	   Registrars to be public servants  
   43.	   Maintenance of registers &c  
   44.	   Appointment &c. of Advisory Commission  
   45.	   Interpretation  
   46.	   Repeal and savings  

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