Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Bureau Of Ceylon Standards Act (No. 38 of 1964)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Establishment of the Bureau of Ceylon Standards  
   3.	   Members of the Bureau  
   4.	   Vesting of the powers, duties and functions of the Bureau in the Council and constitution of the Council  
   5.	   Term of office of members other than ex officio members of the Council  
   6.	   Disqualification for membership of the Council  
   7.	   Vacation of office  
   8.	   Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council  
   9.	   Reimbursement of expenses of members of the Council  
   10.	   Proceedings of the Council  
   11.	   The seal  
   12.	   Establishment of committees  
   13.	   Objects of the Bureau  
   14.	   Functions of the Bureau  
   15.	   Powers of the Bureau  
   16.	   Standardization marks  
   17.	   Prohibition of registration of marks identical with standardization marks as trade marks. Cap. 150  
   18.	   Standardization marks not to be applied to commodities unless authorized by-permits  
   19.	   Power of Minister by Order to declare compulsory standard specifications  
   20.	   Notice of Intention to make an Order under section 19  
   21.	   Appeals  
   22.	   Sale of a commodity to which section 19 applies prohibited except under a permit and unless the commodity complies with the specification, &c  
   23.	   Permits  
   24.	   Appointment of Director of the Bureau  
   25.	   Appointment of other officers and servants of the Bureau  
   26.	   Powers of the Council to exercise disciplinary control over members of the staff of the Bureau,  
   27.	   Delegation of powers of the Council  
   28.	   Appointment of inspectors  
   29.	   Powers of inspectors  
   30.	   Pension schemes, &c., for staff of the Bureau  
   31.	   Capital Fund of the Bureau  
   32.	   Financing of the running expenses of the Bureau  
   33.	   Charging of fees for services rendered and disposal of income derived therefrom  
   34.	   Donations and contributions made to the Bureau  
   35.	   Accounts of the Bureau  
   36.	   Audit. Cap. 145  
   37.	   Documents to be sent to the Minister and laid before the House of Representatives  
   38.	   Protection of Council and members thereof  
   39.	   Secrecy  
   40.	   Rights in discoveries, inventions and improvements made by any member of the staff of the Bureau to vest in the Bureau  
   41.	   Crown lands and buildings  
   42.	   Exemption from taxes and duties  
   43.	   The use by any person carrying on any activity, business, trade or occupation, of certain words  
   44.	   Duty of persons to whom permits have been issued to transmit samples of commodities or furnish information relating to commodities whenever required to do so  
   45.	   Offences  
   46.	   Penalties  
   47.	   Offences by bodies of persons  
   48.	   Regulations  
   49.	   Interpretation  

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