Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Buddha Sravaka Dharmapithaya Act (No. 16 of 1968)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Establishment and incorporation of Buddha Sravaka Dharmapithaya  
   3.	   Objects of the University  
   4.	   Powers of the University  
   5.	   The Dharmapithadhipati  
   6.	   The Secretary of the University  
   7.	   The Librarian  
   8.	   Other officers  
   9.	   Authorities of the University  
   10.	   The Anusasaha Mandalaya  
   11.	   Powers, duties and functions of the Anusaska Mandalaya  
   12.	   The Board of Education and Administration  
   13.	   Powers, duties and functions of the Board of Education and Administration,  
   14.	   Restrictions on voting by certain members of the Board of Education and Administration on certain matters  
   15.	   The Dayaka Mandalaya.,  
   16.	   Powers, duties and functions of the Dayaka Mandalaya  
   17.	   'Vacancy in, or defect in appointment or nomination of a member of, an Authority not to invalidate any act of the Authority  
   18.	   Statutes  
   19.	   Rules  
   20.	   Examinations  
   21.	   Admissions and period of study for graduation  
   22.	   Post-graduate courses  
   23.	   Appointment of teachers  
   24.	   Remuneration of teachers, officers and servants  
   25.	   Financial year  
   26.	   University Fund  
   27.	   Grants in aid of the University  
   28.	   Secretary of the University to keep accounts  
   29.	   Audit of accounts  
   30.	   Auditor-General's report  
   31.	   Financial estimates  
   32.	   Restriction on residence    within University precincts  
   33.	   Prohibition  of undesirable persons from entering precincts  
   34.	   Removal of Dharmapithadhipati from office and dissolution of an Authority  
   35.	   Degrees, diplomas and other distinctions  
   36.	   Deprivation of degree, & c, in certain circumstances  
   37.	   Special provisions for Bhikkhus after retirement  
   38.	   Alteration of seal  
   39.	   Interpretation  
   40.	   Transitional arrangements  
   41.	   Adjustment of questions not provided for  
   42.	   operation of section 40 and 41  

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