Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Consumer Affairs Authority Act (No. 9 of 2003)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Establishment of the Consumer Affairs Authority  
   3.	   Constitution of the Authority  
   4.	   Chairman and full time members  
   5.	   Director-General to act as the Secretary to Authority  
   6.	   Delegation of powers to public  
   7.	   Objects of the Authority  
   8.	   Functions Authority  
   9.	   Authority may undertake studies on the distribution of goods and services  
   10.	   Authority to issue directions to manufacturers or traders in respect of price marking, labelling and packeting of goods  
   11.	   Selling or offering to sell above the marked price  
   12.	   Determining standards and specifications relating to goods and supply of services  
   13.	   Authority to inquire in to complaints  
   14.	   Agreement to provide for maximum price & c. of goods  
   15.	   Refusal to sell goods to be an offence  
   16.	   Denial of possession of any goods for purposes of trade or the sale of such goods subject to any condition to be an offence  
   17.	   Hoarding of goods by any trader or person to be an offence  
   18.	   Increase of retail or wholesale price of certain goods and certain services  
   19.	   Director-General to refer matters to the Council  
   20.	   Investigation into a reference made under section 19  
   21.	   Undertaking to be given on a reference made  
   22.	   Members of the public, associations or organizations to refer certain matters to the director-General  
   23.	   Advisory reference  
   24.	   Authority to review questions relating to prices of goods & c  
   25.	   Publication of a report made under this Act  
   26.	   Trader to display price list  
   27.	   Registration of traders  
   28.	   Trader to issue receipts to purchasers  
   29.	   Trader to furnish notice board  
   30.	   Misleading or deceptive conduct  
   31.	   False representation  
   32.	   Warranties in relation to the supply of goods or services  
   33.	   Public efficiency reports  
   34.	   Authority to carry out investigation into anti-competitive practices  
   35.	   Anti-competitive practice  
   36.	   Provisions relating to an investigation under section 34  
   37.	   Authority to make an application to the Council  
   38.	   Council to entertain applications made by any person or association of traders  
   39.	   Establishment and constitution of a Consumer Affairs Council,  
   40.	   Function of the Council  
   41.	   Order to be made by the Council  
   42.	   Publication of an order made under section 41  
   43.	   Power to issue notices to witnesses  
   44.	   Evidence  
   45.	   Failure to obey a notice issued or to give evidence & c  
   46.	   Punishment for offence of contempt  
   47.	   Privileges of witnesses  
   48.	   Procedure to be laid down by the Council  
   49.	   Fund of the Authority  
   50.	   Financial year and the audit of accounts  
   51.	   Application of Part II of the Finance Act, No. 38 of 1971  
   52.	   Director-General of the Authority  
   53.	   Appointment of' officers, servants and advisers to the Authority  
   54.	   Appointment of public officers to the staff of the Authority  
   55.	   Power of authority to send warning  
   56.	   Power to require maintenance of records and the furnishing of returns  
   57.	   Power of Authority to call for information  
   58.	   Power of entry, inspection and search  
   59.	   Sale of perishable goods  
   60.	   offences and Penalties  
   61.	   Obtaining samples for purposes of ensuring compliance with standards and specifications  
   62.	   General forfeiture  
   63.	   Priority to be given for cases under section 61  
   64.	   Protect ion for action taken under this Act  
   65.	   Expenses to be paid out of the Fund  
   66.	   Members of the Authority and the Council and officers and servants of the Authority deemed to be public servants  
   67.	   The Authority and the council deemed to be Scheduled Institutions within the meaning of the Bribery Act  
   68.	   Principal liable for offences or agents and servants  
   69.	   Rewards to certain persons  
   70.	   Offences to be cognizable offence  
   71.	   Certain officers to be peace officers  
   72.	   Regulations  
   73.	   Repeal of Consumer Protection Act, No. 1 of 1979. Fair Trading Commission Act. No. 1 of 1987, Control of Prices Act, (Chapter 173) and savings  
   74.	   Reference for "Price Control Inspector" to be a reference to relevant officer in the Authority  
   75.	   interpretation  
   76.	   Sinhala text to prevail in the event of any inconsistency  
   77.	   Exemption of existing agreements  

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