Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Civil Courts Procedure (Special Provisions) Law (No. 19 of 1977)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Amendment of the Administration of Justice Law  
   3.	   Chapter IV of the Administration of Justice Law not be apply to civil court  
   4.	   Civil Procedure Code deemed to have been in operation  
   5.	   Pending actions  
   6.	   Actions, applications and other matters already completed  
   7.	   Court to make appropriate orders in certain matters  
   8.	   Effect of non-compliance with the provisions of the Administration of Justice Law or the Civil Procedure Code  
   9.	   Rules made Under the Administrator of Justice Law to continue to be in force  
   10.	   All orders, directions, &c., Issued Under section 11 of the Constitution of Sri Lanka, and all Determinations, directions, &c., Made under Law No. 14 of 1973, deemed to be made Under the Civil Procedure Code  
   11.	   Interpretation  

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