Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Ceylon Electricity Board Act (No. 17 of 1969)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Establishment of the Ceylon Electricity Board  
   3.	   Members of the Board  
   4.	   Board may act despite vacancy  
   5.	   General Manager of the Board, his powers and duties and their delegation  
   6.	   Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Board  
   7.	   Seal of the Board  
   8.	   Powers of the Minister in relation to the Board  
   9.	   Officers and servants of Board deemed to be public servants Cha.19  
   10.	   Board deemed to be a scheduled institution within the meaning of Bribery Act Cap.26  
   11.	   Duties of the Board,  
   12.	   Powers of the Board  
   13.	   Consulting engineers  
   14.	   Power of the Board to super vise and control generating stations installed for joint schemes  
   15.	   Disputes arising from exercise of powers of Board under section 14  
   16.	   Board to undertake exclusively transmission of high voltage electrical energy in bulk  
   17.	   Chapter 205 and Act No. 59 of 1957, to be amended  
   18.	   Transfer to the Board of the Government Electrical Undertakings  
   19.	   Licences under the Electricity Act to be granted in consultation with Board.Cap.205  
   20.	   Voluntary transfer scheme  
   21.	   Compulsory transfer scheme. Cap.205  
   22.	   Direction for preparation of compulsory transfer scheme  
   23.	   Contents of transfer scheme  
   24.	   Powers of Board for the purposes of the preparation of a transfer scheme  
   25.	   Presentation of schemes to Minister for approval  
   26.	   Orders to give effect to transfer schemes  
   27.	   Effect of a transfer Order.Cap.205  
   28.	   Reference of certain disputes to arbitration  
   29.	   Procedure for taking possession of property for and on behalf of Board  
   30.	   Prevention of, or obstruction to, taking possession of property for and on behalf of Board  
   31.	   Appointments to the staff of the Board  
   32.	   Retirement of public officers of the Department and their employment by the Board  
   33.	   Employment of personnel in case of transfer of electrical undertakings of a local authority to the Board. Cap. 205  
   34.	   Appointment of public officers and officers and servants of local authorities, other than those referred to in sections 32 and 33, to the staff of the Board  
   35.	   Service to the Board to be regarded as service to the Government for the purposes of contracts to serve the Government  
   36.	   Employment by Board of persons already in receipt of pensions  
   37.	   Interpretation  
   38.	   General duty of the Board in financial matters  
   39.	   Transfer of certain moneys to the Board and investment of equity capital by Government in the Board and the payment of certain money to the Government by the Board  
   40.	   Grant to the Board from the Consolidated Fund  
   41.	   Borrowing powers of Board  
   42.	   Board may borrow from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, &c  
   43.	   Ceylon Electricity Stock  
   44.	   Government guarantee  
   45.	   Minister of Finance to inform Parliament about guarantee  
   46.	   Investment of the funds of the Board  
   47.	   Reserves  
   48.	   Application of the revenue of the Board  
   49.	   Accounts of the Board and audit of such accounts  
   50.	   Powers of Auditor-General and his assistants  
   51.	   Report of the Board and copies of Auditor- General's report and statement of accounts and statistics to be, sent to the Minister and laid before the Senate and the House of Representatives, and copies of such reports and statistics to be made available for purchase by the public  
   52.	   Board to fix tariffs and charges,  
   53.	   No undue preference to be shown in fixing tariffs and making agreements under section 52  
   54.	   Board to determine tariff in cases of doubt  
   55.	   Recovery of electricity supply charge from a local authority  
   56.	   Regulations and penalty for their contravention  
   57.	   Acquisition of immovable property under the Land Acquisition Act for the Board. Cap. 460  
   58.	   Power of companies, &c to enter into contracts with the Board,  
   59.	   Protection for action taken under this Act or on the direction of the Board,  
   60.	   No writ to issue against person or property of a member of the Board  
   61.	   Special grant of lease of Crown property to Board. Cap. 454  
   62.	   Arbitration  
   63.	   Penalty for causing failure of electricity supply of the Board  
   64.	   Amendment of other written laws, &c  
   65.	   This Act to prevail over other written laws  
   66.	   Interpretation. Cap. 264  

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