Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Co-Operative Employees Commission Act (No. 12 of 1972)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Power of Minister to exempt co-operative societies from the succeeding provisions of this Act  
   3.	   Establishment of Co-operative Employees Commission  
   4.	   Constitution of the Commission  
   5.	   Incorporation of the Commission  
   6.	   Term of office of members  
   7.	   Chairman, and conduct of business  
   8.	   Remuneration of members  
   9.	   Secretary and other officers  
   10.	   Taking of oaths by members and officers of the Commission  
   11.	   Powers of the Commission  
   12.	   Financial provisions  
   13.	   Co-operative society to be an employer  
   14.	   Co-operative societies and their employees to be subject to directions of the Commission  
   15.	   Directions of Commission to be binding upon employees of co-operative societies  
   16.	   Introduction of terms and conditions of service and options as to their acceptance  
   17.	   Examination of serving officers and restriction on application of new terms and conditions of service  
   18.	   Residential qualifications  
   19.	   Scales of salary of employees to be determined according to grading of a co-operative society and grade or class of employees  
   20.	   Secondment of Government servants  
   21.	   Salaries of employees of co-operative societies  
   22.	   Transfer of employees of co-operative societies  
   23.	   Dismissal and punishment of employees of co-operative societies  
   24.	   Security furnished by employees of co-operative societies  
   25.	   Regulations relating to employees  
   26.	   Duties of co-operative society in respect of its employees  
   27.	   Provident Fund  
   28.	   Co-operative employees to be employees of the society and not of the Commission  
   29.	   Commissioner to grade societies and determine stall  
   30.	   The Commission to secure the concurrence of the Commissioner regarding qualifications, salary scales, &c  
   31.	   Removal of difficulties  
   32.	   Commission to make regulations  
   33.	   Immunity of individual members of the Commission  
   34.	   Engagement of contractual, casual or daily-paid employees  
   35.	   Offences  
   36.	   Interference with the Commission  
   37.	   Unauthorized disclosure of information prohibited  
   38.	   Communications of the Commission to be privileged  
   39.	   Certain enactments not to apply to co-operative societies and their employees. Cap. 131  
   40.	   Interpretation  

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