Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Ceylon hotels corporation Act (No. 14 of 1966)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Establishment of the Ceylon Hotel Corporation  
   3.	   Corporation to be a body corporate  
   4.	   Objects of the Corporation  
   5.	   Powers of the Corporation  
   6.	   Head office  
   7.	   Branches and agencies  
   8.	   Constitution of the board  
   9.	   Chairman and Deputy Chairman of  the board  
   10.	   Qualifications of director  
   11.	   Vacation of office of director  
   12.	   Right of nominated director to attend general meeting  
   13.	   Retirement of directors  
   14.	   Order of retirement of directors  
   15.	   Re-election or renomination of directors  
   16.	   Termination of office  
   17.	   Filling up of vacancy in office of elected director  
   18.	   Filling up of vacancy in office of nominated director  
   19.	   Effect of reelection or re-nomination  
   20.	   Who may be proposed for election as director  
   21.	   Casual vacancies among nominated directors  
   22.	   Casual vacancies among elected directors  
   23.	   Acting appointment in case nominated director unable to discharge his duties owing to illness, &c  
   24.	   Acting appointment in case elected director unable to discharge his duties owing to illness, &c  
   25.	   Additional directors  
   26.	   Interests of members of the board  
   27.	   Removal of nominated directors  
   28.	   Removal of elected directors  
   29.	   Loan by Government to the Corporation  
   30.	   Capital  
   31.	   Capital of the ordinary shares how paid  
   32.	   Permanent reserve fund  
   33.	   Contingency fund  
   34.	   Preference and ordinary shares  
   35.	   Conversion of preference shares  
   36.	   Subdivision of shares  
   37.	   Increase and reduction of capital  
   38.	   Liability of shareholders  
   39.	   Contracts  
   40.	   Persons authorized to act on behalf of the Corporation  
   41.	   Execution of deeds abroad  
   42.	   Commencement of business  
   43.	   Powers of Minister until commencement of business by the Corporation  
   44.	   Acts commenced by the Minister may be continued by the boards  
   45.	   Persons who may execute documents and make payments on behalf of the Government  
   46.	   Funds from which moneys payable under this Act are to be paid  
   47.	   Payment of moneys authorized by this Act to be made  
   48.	   Payments how shown in Ceylon's statement of assets and liabilities  
   49.	   Appointment of officers  
   50.	   Officers to furnish security  
   51.	   Dismissal of general manager  
   52.	   No liability for damage or loss caused otherwise than by misconduct or wilful default  
   53.	   Reimbursement for expenses incurred on behalf of the Corporation  
   54.	   Receipts when valid  
   55.	   Inspection of documents  
   56.	   Balance sheet, statement of accounts and reports of directors to be furnished to general meeting,  
   57.	   Appointment of auditors  
   58.	   Auditors' report  
   59.	   Copy of accounts to be sent  
   60.	   Balance sheet and statement of accounts conclusive after approval  
   61.	   Application of the provisions of the Companies Ordinance  
   62.	   By-laws of the Corporation  
   63.	   Alteration of Second Schedule  
   64.	   Applications to the Minister  
   65.	   Corporation to be subject to general or special directions of Minister  
   66.	   Interpretation  

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