Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Criminal Justice Commissions Act (No. 14 of 1972)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Establishment of Criminal Justice Commissions  
   3.	   Appointment of members of a Commission  
   4.	   Change of Governor-General  
   5.	   Jurisdiction of a Commission  
   6.	   Powers of a Commission  
   7.	   Members of a Commission to be public servants and inquiries to be "judicial proceedings " under the Penal Code  
   8.	   Punishment of contempts  
   9.	   Summons  
   10.	   Failure to obey summons, to give evidence, &c  
   11.	   Procedure and practice before a Commission  
   12.	   Representation at any inquiry before the Commission  
   13.	   Tender of pardon  
   14.	   Special provisions relating to custody  
   15.	   Power of Commission to deal with persons found guilty or not guilty of offences  
   16.	   Presumption on production of record of evidence given by witnesses  
   17.	   Special powers of the Attorney-General to issue a written information  
   18.	   Protection of members of a Commission  
   19.	   Appointment of Secretary and interpreters  
   20.	   Process issued under this Act to be exempt from stamp duty  
   21.	   Service of process  
   22.	   This Act to prevail over any other law  
   23.	   Special provisions applicable to sentences imposed by the Commission  
   24.	   Application of Chapter XVII of the Criminal Procedure Code  
   25.	   Findings and sentences under this Act to be final and conclusive  
   26.	   Interpretation  
   27.	   Effect of this Act on the Ceylon (Constitution) Order in Council,1946  
   28.	   Period of validity of Act  

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