Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Capital Levy Act (No. 51 of 1971)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Persons to whom this Act shall not apply  
   3.	   Imposition of capital levy  
   4.	   Capital to include certain property  
   5.	   Certain property to be excluded from capital  
   6.	   Leviable capital of the head of a family  
   7.	   Leviable capital of person who is not included in a family  
   8.	   Leviable capital of non-resident company  
   9.	   Special provisions applicable to gifts made on or after April 1,1971, but on or before September 30, 1971, and to the estates of persons dying on or after April 1, 1971, but before date of commencement of this Act  
   10.	   Value of property which constitutes capital  
   11.	   Date of valuation  
   12.	   Separate assessment of husband and wife  
   13.	   Duty of persona chargeable with capital levy to furnish returns if not required to do so by an Assessor  
   14.	   Returns and information to be furnished  
   15.	   Information to be furnished by officials  
   16.	   "Who may act for incapacitated or nonresident person  
   17.	   Precedent partner to act on behalf of a partnership  
   18.	   Principal officer to act on behalf of a company or body of persons  
   19.	   Signature and service of notice  
   20.	   Power of Commissioner to impose penalty for failure to famish return  
   21.	   Assessor to make assessments  
   22.	   Additional assessments  
   23.	   Notice of assessment  
   24.	   Validity of assessments, &c.,  
   25.	   Restriction on disposal of immovable property by any person in respect of whom an assessment is made  
   26.	   Notice of objection in respect of an. assessment  
   27.	   List of documents and witnesses  
   28.	   Power of Commissioner to obtain information necessary to make Ms determination on a notice of objection  
   29.	   Rejection of a notice of objection  
   30.	   Determination of Commissioner on notice of objection  
   31.	   Finality of assessments  
   32.	   Appeal to Board of Adjudicators  
   33.	   Commissioner may refer notice of objection to the Board of Adjudicators  
   34.	   Finality of the decisions of the Board  
   35.	   Appeals to the Supreme Court on questions of law  
   36.	   Petition to the Board of Adjudicators for relief  
   37.	   Relief which the Board may grant  
   38.	   When payment of capital levy is to be made  
   39.	   Payment of capital levy by. transferring immovable property to the Crown  
   40.	   Payment by surrender of Government stock  
   41.	   Payment by transfer of shares  
   42.	   Penalty for delay in payment of capital levy or instalment of capital levy  
   43.	   Capital levy to include fines, &c.,  
   44.	   Capital levy to be a first charge  
   45.	   Recovery of capital levy by seizure and sale of property  
   46.	   Proceedings for recovery before a Magistrate  
   47.	   Recovery of capital levy by vesting immovable property of the defaulter in the Crown  
   48.	   Recovery of capital levy out of debts  
   49.	   Recovery of tax from persons leaving Ceylon  
   50.	   Use of more than one means of recovery  
   51.	   When capital levy may be recovered from any person other than the person assessed  
   52.	   Power of Commissioner to obtain information for the recovery of capital levy  
   53.	   Capital levy paid in excess to be refunded  
   54.	   Panel of Adjudicators  
   55.	   Chairman of the Panel  
   56.	   Constitution of Boards of Adjudicators  
   57.	   Remuneration of Chairman of the Panel and of members of the Board,  
   58.	   Functions of the Board  
   59.	   Proceedings before a Board  
   60.	   Decision of the Board  
   61.	   Cost of appeals to the Board  
   62.	   Power of Minister to issue general directions to the Board  
   63.	   Offences of failure to make returns, making incorrect returns, &c.,  
   64.	   Penalty for contravention of the provisions of section 25  
   65.	   Breach of secrecy and other matters to be offences  
   66.	   Offences of fraud  
   67.	   Penalty for incorrect return  
   68.	   Capital levy to be payable notwithstanding any proceedings or penalties, &c.,  
   69.	   Prosecution to be with the sanction of the Commissioner  
   70.	   Administration of this Act  
   71.	   Persons assessable on behalf of a non-resident person  
   72.	   Capital levy in respect of deceased payable by executor  
   73.	   Joint executors  
   74.	   Liability in case of dissolved body of persons  
   75.	   Official secrecy  
   76.	   Indemnification of representative  
   77.	   Certain transactions and dispositions to be disregarded  
   78.	   Power to make regulations  
   79.	   Forms  
   80.	   Power to search buildings or places  
   81.	   Admissibility of statements and documents in evidence  
   82.	   Amendment of Schedule to this Act  
   83.	   Interpretation  

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