Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Court of Appeal Act (No. 44 of 1971)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Establishment of Court of Appeal  
   3.	   Constitution of the Appellate Court  
   4.	   Appointment of Judges of the Appellate Court  
   5.	   Salaries of the Judges of the Appellate Court  
   6.	   Acting appointments to Appellate Court  
   7.	   Oath or affirmation of office by Judges of the Appellate Court  
   8.	   Jurisdiction of the Appellate Court  
   9.	   Reference to the Appellate Court  
   10.	   Enforcement of decisions of the Appellate Court  
   11.	   Staff of the Appellate Court  
   12.	   Seal of the Appellate Court  
   13.	   Rules of Court  
   14.	   Repeal of the Appeals (Privy Council) Ordinance (Chapter 100)  
   15.	   Amendment of the Criminal Procedure Code (Chapter 20)  
   16.	   Amendment of the Courts Ordinance (Chapter 6)  
   17.	   Amendment of the Court of Criminal Appeal Ordinance (Chapter 7)  
   18.	   Abolition of the right of appeal to Her Majesty in Council  
   19.	   Appeals or petitions pending before the Privy Council  
   20.	   Saving of the jurisdiction of Her Majesty in Council  
   21.	   The provisions of this Act to be regarded as amendments to the Ceylon (Constitution and Independence) Orders in Council, 1946 and 1947  
   22.	   Interpretation  

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