Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Ceiling on Housing Property Law (No. 1 of 1973)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Permitted number of houses  
   3.	   Determination of a number of houses in certain cases  
   4.	   Persons who construct houses for sale not deemed to own such houses  
   5.	   Reduction of number of houses  
   6.	   Amalgamation of houses  
   7.	   Houses on leased lands  
   8.	   Declaration by owners of houses in excess of the permitted number of houses and Vesting of such houses if no declaration or correct declaration is made  
   9.	   Tenants may apply to purchase surplus houses  
   10.	   Houses in excess of the permitted number of houses may be sold within twelve months  
   11.	   Vesting of houses in excess of the permitted number of houses  
   12.	   Vested houses  
   13.	   Applications by tenants for purchase of certain houses  
   14.	   Sale of certain houses to the Commissioner by owners  
   15.	   Date of vesting and title to houses vested  
   16.	   Vesting of appurtenant lands  
   17.	   Applications to purchase houses  
   18.	   Taking possession of a house vested in the Commissioner  
   19.	   Prevention of or obstruction to taking possession of house for and on behalf of the Commissioner  
   20.	   Notice to persons entitled to make claims to the price payable id respect of any vested house  
   21.	   Provisions to be complied, with by Commissioner on receipt of claims  
   22.	   Reference to Board for award as to price payable  
   23.	   Determination of price payable  
   24.	   Provision for cases where the amount is not accepted, &c  
   25.	   Deduction from the amount payable  
   26.	   Interest on amount payable  
   27.	   Date of commencement of amount payable  
   28.	   Manner and mode of payment  
   29.	   Constitution of the Board of Review  
   30.	   Meetings of the Board  
   31.	   Proceedings before Board  
   32.	   Power to summon witnesses. &c  
   33.	   Persons giving evidence bound to state the truth  
   34.	   Determination of the Board  
   35.	   Board may regulate its procedure at meetings  
   36.	   Commissioner, tenants and claimants to be given opportunity of being heard  
   37.	   Provisions in regard to evidence  
   38.	   Award by Board on reference  
   39.	   Appeals against decisions of Commissioner  
   40.	   Restriction of floor area of houses  
   41.	   Maximum extent of land on which houses may be constructed  
   42.	   Restriction on cost of constructing houses  
   43.	   Provisions of this Part not to apply to houses construction of which commenced before the commencement of this Law  
   44.	   Regulations  
   45.	   Offences  
   46.	   This Law to prevail over other written law  
   47.	   Interpretation  

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