Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Code Of Intellectual Property Act (No. 52 of 1979)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Appointment of Registrar and his duties  
   3.	   Deputy Registrars and Assistant Registrars  
   4.	   Registry and maintenance of registers  
   5.	   Registrars deemed to be public servants  
   6.	   Interpretation  
   7.	   Works protected  
   8.	   Derivative works  
   9.	   Works not protected  
   10.	   Economic rights  
   11.	   Moral rights  
   12.	   Works of Sri Lanka folklore  
   13.	   Fair use  
   14.	   Ephemeral recordings  
   15.	   Limitation of right of translation  
   16.	   Limitation of right of sound recording and broadcasting  
   17.	   Ownership of copyright  
   18.	   Transfer of copyright  
   19.	   Duration of economic rights  
   20.	   Sound recording  
   21.	   Infringements and sanctions  
   22.	   Fields of application  
   23.	   Abrogation of common law rights  
   24.	   Rights under other laws  
   25.	   Scope of this Part  
   26.	   Conditions for protection  
   27.	   Definition of industrial design  
   28.	   Definition of novelty  
   29.	   Ownership and right to protection of industrial design  
   30.	   Usurpation: Judicial assignment of application or registration  
   31.	   Industrial design created by an employee or pursuant to a commission  
   32.	   Naming of creator of an industrial design  
   33.	   Requirements of application  
   34.	   Right of priority  
   35.	   Application fee  
   36.	   Examination of application  
   37.	   Registration  
   38.	   Issue of Certificate of registration  
   39.	   Register of Industrial Designs  
   40.	   Examination of register and certified copies  
   41.	   Publication of registered industrial designs  
   42.	   Duration of registration  
   43.	   Renewal  
   44.	   Rights of registered owner of industrial design  
   45.	   Limitation of registered owner's right  
   46.	   Assignment and transmission of applications and registrations  
   47.	   Joint ownership of applications and registration  
   48.	   Interpretation  
   49.	   Form and record of licence contract  
   50.	   Rights of licensee  
   51.	   Rights of licensor  
   52.	   Invalid clauses in licence contracts  
   53.	   Effect of nullity of registration of licence contract  
   54.	   Expiry, termination or invalidation of licence contract  
   55.	   Licence contracts involving payments abroad  
   56.	   Renunciation of registration  
   57.	   Nullity of registration  
   58.	   Date and effect of nullity  
   59.	   Definition of invention  
   60.	   Patentable inventions  
   61.	   Novelty  
   62.	   Inventions step  
   63.	   Industrial application  
   64.	   Right to a patent  
   65.	   Usurpation Judicial assignment of patent application or patent  
   66.	   Inventions made by an employee or pursuant to a commission  
   67.	   Naming of inventor  
   68.	   Requirements of application  
   69.	   Application fee  
   70.	   Search report  
   71.	   Unity of invention  
   72.	   Amendment and division of application  
   73.	   Right of priority  
   74.	   Filing date  
   75.	   Examination  
   76.	   Grant of patent  
   77.	   Register of patents  
   78.	   Examination of register and certified copies  
   79.	   Inspection of files  
   80.	   Duration of patent  
   81.	   Rights of owner of patent  
   82.	   Limitation of owner's rights  
   83.	   Rights derived from prior manufacture or use  
   84.	   Assignment and transmission of patent applications and patents  
   85.	   Joint ownership of patent applications or patents  
   86.	   Interpretation  
   87.	   Form and record of licence contract  
   88.	   Rights of licensee  
   89.	   Rights of the licensor  
   90.	   Invalid clauses in licence contracts  
   91.	   Effect of patent application not being granted or patent being declared null and void  
   92.	   Expiry termination, or invalidation of licence contract  
   93.	   Licence contracts involving abroad  
   94.	   Surrender of patent  
   95.	   Nullity of patent  
   96.	   Date and effect of nullity  
   97.	   Definitions  
   98.	   Admissibility of marks  
   99.	   Marks inadmissible on objective grounds  
   100.	   Marks inadmissible by reason of third-party. rights  
   101.	   Trust not to be entered in register  
   102.	   Requirements of application  
   103.	   Right of Priority  
   104.	   Temporary protection of mark exhibited at international exhibition  
   105.	   Application fee  
   106.	   Examination of application as to form  
   107.	   Registration of mark after further examination and publication of mark  
   108.	   Non- completion. of registration  
   109.	   Register of marks and issue of certificate  
   110.	   Publication of registered marks  
   111.	   Examination of register and certified copies  
   112.	   Associated marks  
   113.	   Assignment and user of associated marks  
   114.	   Duration of registration  
   115.	   Renewal  
   116.	   Alteration of registered mark  
   117.	   Rights of registered owner  
   118.	   Limitation of registered owner lights  
   119.	   Assignment and transmission of applications and registrations  
   120.	   Interpretation  
   121.	   Form and record of licence contract  
   122.	   Rights of licensee  
   123.	   Rights of licensor  
   124.	   Nullity of licence contract and certain clauses  
   125.	   Cancellation of licence contracts  
   126.	   Licence contracts involving payments abroad  
   127.	   Effect of nullity of registration on licence contract  
   128.	   Expiry, termination or invalidation of licence contract  
   129.	   Renunciation of registration  
   130.	   Nullity of registration  
   131.	   Date and effect of nullity  
   132.	   Removal of mark  
   133.	   Date and effect of removal of mark  
   134.	   Collective marks  
   135.	   Application for registration of collective mark  
   136.	   Registration and publication of collective marks  
   137.	   Changes in conditions governing use of collective mark  
   138.	   Use of collective marks and other matters  
   139.	   Prohibited trade names  
   140.	   Protection of trade names  
   141.	   and transmission of trade names  
   142.	   Unfair competition  
   143.	   Falsification of entries in any register  
   144.	   Infringement of copyright  
   145.	   Infringement of industrial designs  
   146.	   False representations regarding industrial designs  
   147.	   Infringement of patents  
   148.	   False representations regarding patents  
   149.	   Unlawful disclosure of information relating to patents  
   150.	   Infringement of marks  
   151.	   Section - 151  
   152.	   Other offences as to marks and trade descriptions  
   153.	   Offences by bodies corporate  
   154.	   Interpretation  
   155.	   False name or Initials  
   156.	   Forging marks  
   157.	   Applying marks and descriptions  
   158.	   Exemption of certain persons employed in ordinary course of business  
   159.	   Watches  
   160.	   Mark how described in pleading  
   161.	   Rules as to evidence  
   162.	   Punishment of accessories  
   163.	   Search warrant  
   164.	   Costs of defence and of prosecution  
   165.	   Limitation of prosecution  
   166.	   Prohibition on importation  
   167.	   Implied warranty on sale of marked goods  
   168.	   Provisions as to false description not to apply in certain cases  
   169.	   Savings  
   170.	   Cognizable and bailable offences  
   171.	   Regulations  
   172.	   Correction and rectification of register  
   173.	   Power to make copies of damaged volumes of any register, to prepare and insert reconstructed folios  
   174.	   Certificate of Registrar to be evidence  
   175.	   Certified copies to be evidence  
   176.	   Mode of giving evidence  
   177.	   Exercise of discretionary power by Registrar  
   178.	   Registrar may take directions of law officers  
   179.	   Infringement proceedings by registered owner of industrial design, patent or mark  
   180.	   Infringement proceedings by or at request of licensee  
   181.	   Declaration of non-infringement  
   182.	   Appeals  
   183.	   Costs of proceedings before Registrar and Court  
   184.	   Stamp duties  
   185.	   Fund  
   186.	   Interpretation  
   187.	   Copyright: Repeal of Chapter 154 and savings  
   188.	   Industrial Designs: Repeal of Chapter 153 and savings  
   189.	   Repeal of Chapter 152 and savings  
   190.	   Marks : Repeal of Chapters 150 and 151 and savings  
   191.	   Additional repeals  
   192.	   Additional savings  

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