Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Control Of Pesticides Act (No. 33 of 1980)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Application of the Act  
   3.	   Licensing Authority for pesticides  
   4.	   Pesticide Formulary Committee  
   5.	   Functions Committee  
   6.	   Application for licence  
   7.	   Consideration of application  
   8.	   Issue of licence  
   9.	   Approved pesticide  
   10.	   Approved container or package  
   11.	   Cancellation of licence  
   12.	   Alteration in package or composition  
   13.	   Appeals  
   14.	   Prohibition  
   15.	   Adulterated, decomposed or deteriorated pesticides  
   16.	   Storage, transport and sale of pesticides in close juxtaposition with foodstuffs  
   17.	   Prohibition of import of pesticides except upon approval  
   18.	   Advertisement of pesticides  
   19.	   Storage of pesticides in bulk  
   20.	   Harvesting of crops  
   21.	   Authorized officers and their powers and functions  
   22.	   Analysis of samples  
   23.	   Fees  
   24.	   Penalty for contravention of this Act  
   25.	   Forfeiture  
   26.	   Regulation  
   27.	   Interpretation  

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