Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Condominium Property Act (No. 12 of 1970)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Application for registration of Condominium Plans  
   3.	   Requisites for registration of Condominium Plans  
   4.	   Registration of Condominium Plan and appeals against refusal  
   5.	   Effect of registration of a Condominium Plan  
   6.	   Shares in common property  
   7.	   Title to unit subject to registered interests  
   8.	   Redivision of unit  
   9.	   Easements in favour of or against owner  
   10.	   Ancillary rights and obligations implied  
   11.	   Owners of units in Condominium Plan to be a body corporate  
   12.	   Voting rights  
   13.	   Board of Managers  
   14.	   By-laws  
   15.	   Administrative expenses  
   16.	   Insurance by body corporate  
   17.	   Insurance by owner  
   18.	   Recovery of rates, &c  
   19.	   Right of entry  
   20.	   Termination of condominium  
   21.	   Effect of termination of condominium  
   22.	   Regulations  
   23.	   Special powers of the Commissioner  
   24.	   Delegation of powers, &c, by the Commissioner  
   25.	   Provisions of Partition Act not to apply in certain cases. Cap. 69  
   26.	   Offences  
   27.	   Provisions of the act to prevail over other Jaw  
   28.	   Interpretation  

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