Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Consumer Protection Act (No. 1 of 1979)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Appointment of officers  
   3.	   Scheme of distribution  
   4.	   Inquiries to working of the scheme of distribution  
   5.	   Commissioner may undertake studies of distribution of articles &c  
   6.	   Commissioner to issue directions to manufacturers or traders in respect of price-marking, labelling and packeting of articles  
   7.	   Selling or offering to sell above the marked price  
   8.	   Manufacture or sale of articles below the specified standard  
   9.	   Failure to comply with order an offence  
   10.	   Agreement to provide for maximum price &c  
   11.	   Refusal to sell articles to be an offence  
   12.	   Denial of possession of any article for purposes of trade or the sale of such article subject to any condition to be an offence  
   13.	   Hoarding of articles by any trader or person to be an offence  
   14.	   Sale of article above the controlled price to be an offence  
   15.	   Trader to display price list  
   16.	   Trader to issue receipts to purchasers  
   17.	   Trader to furnish notice board  
   18.	   Misleading or deceptive conduct  
   19.	   False representations  
   20.	   Exclusive dealing  
   21.	   Price discrimination  
   22.	   Warranties in relation to the supply of services  
   23.	   Monopolisation  
   24.	   Commissioner to exercise special powers under certain circumstances  
   25.	   Minister to exercise special powers under certain circumstances  
   26.	   Power to call for documents  
   27.	   Power of entry, inspection and search  
   28.	   Offences and penalties  
   29.	   Proceedings under this Act to have priority in court  
   30.	   Liabilities of certain persons In respect of offences committed by bodies corporate or un -incorporate  
   31.	   Principal liable for offences of agents and servants  
   32.	   Protection of officers  
   33.	   Rewards to certain persons  
   34.	   Regulations  
   35.	   Amendment of the National Prices Commission Law, No. 43 of 1979  
   36.	   Repeal of the Licensing of Traders Act, No. 62 of 1961  
   37.	   Interpretation  

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