Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Ceylon Railway Daily-Paid Workers Benevolent Association (Incorporation) Act (No. 3 of 1965)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Incorporation  
   3.	   General objects  
   4.	   Committee of Management  
   5.	   First Committee of Management  
   6.	   Election of office-bearers  
   7.	   Qualifications of the Secretary and the Treasurer  
   8.	   Duties of the Committee  
   9.	   Meetings of the Committee  
   10.	   Who shall preside, quorum, &c  
   11.	   Vacancies how filled  
   12.	   Duties of the Secretary  
   13.	   Duties of the Treasurer  
   14.	   Membership  
   15.	   Register of members  
   16.	   Books of account  
   17.	   Remuneration of members of. the Committee  
   18.	   Power to make rules  
   19.	   General meetings  
   20.	   Annual general meeting  
   21.	   Who shall preside at general meetings  
   22.	   Security from officers and servants  
   23.	   Property to be held by the Corporation  
   24.	   Debts due by, and payable to, the Corporation  
   25.	   Power to hold property  
   26.	   Funds of the Corporation, how to be accounted, paid out and invested  
   27.	   Appointment of officers and agents  
   28.	   Seal of the Corporation  
   29.	   Corporation may not sell, exchange, or mortgage, land without leave of court  
   30.	   Powers vested in the Permanent Secretary  
   31.	   Winding up of the Corporation  
   32.	   Savings of rights of the Crown, &c  

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