Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Ceylon Shipping Corporation Act (No. 11 of 1971)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Establishment of the Ceylon Shipping Corporation  
   3.	   Members of the Corporation  
   4.	   Objects of the Corporation  
   5.	   Powers of the Corporation  
   6.	   Powers of the Minister in relation to the Corporation  
   7.	   Board of Directors  
   8.	   Remuneration of Directors  
   9.	   Director to disclose interest in contract proposed to be made by the Corporation  
   10.	   Quorum for meeting of Board of Directors  
   11.	   Regulation of procedure  
   12.	   Board of Directors may act despite vacancy  
   13.	   Board of Directors to administer the affairs of the Corporation  
   14.	   Delegation of powers and duties of Board of Directors  
   15.	   Chairman of Board of Directors  
   16.	   Appointment on General Manager  
   17.	   Seal of the Corporation  
   18.	   Capital of the Corporation  
   19.	   Borrowing powers of the Board of Directors  
   20.	   Investment of moneys  
   21.	   Application of the revenue of the Corporation  
   22.	   Appropriation of net surplus revenue of the Corporation  
   23.	   Operation of reserves of the Corporation  
   24.	   Payment to the Consolidated Fund of Ceylon  
   25.	   Reduction of the capital of the Corporation  
   26.	   Accounts and financial year  
   27.	   Audit of accounts  
   28.	   Contracts  
   29.	   Bills of exchange and promissory notes  
   30.	   Execution of deeds abroad  
   31.	   Receipts when valid  
   32.	   Officers and servants of the Corporation deemed to be public servants within the meaning and for the purposes of the Penal Code. Cap. 19  
   33.	   The Corporation deemed to be a scheduled institution within the meaning of the Bribery Act. Cap. 26  
   34.	   Appointment of public officers, members of the Local Government Service and officers and servants of local authorities to the staff of the Corporation  
   35.	   Acquisition of land under the Land Acquisition Act for the Corporation  
   36.	   Regulations  
   37.	   Company law not to apply to the Corporation. Cap. 145  
   38.	   Interpretation  
   39.	   Succeeding provisions of this Act to prevail over other written law, etc  
   40.	   Vesting of the assets and liabilities of the Ceylon Shipping Corporation Limited in the Corporation  
   41.	   Effect of the establishment of the Corporation  
   42.	   Compensation to be payable in respect of certain shares of the Ceylon Shipping Corporation Limited vested in the Corporation  
   43.	   Special provision relating to the annual general meeting for 1970 of the Ceylon Shipping Corporation Limited  
   44.	   Power of Minister to make Orders relating to the dissolution of the Ceylon Shipping Corporation Limited  

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