Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Co-operative Societies (Special Provisions) Act (No. 35 of 1970)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Amalgamation of registered societies  
   3.	   Cancellation, and effect of cancellation, of registration of society  
   4.	   Appointment of liquidators of dissolved societies  
   5.	   Powers of liquidator  
   6.	   Power of Registrar to control liquidations  
   7.	   Enforcement of orders  
   8.	   Limitation of power of civil court  
   9.	   Closure of liquidation  
   10.	   Requisitioning of property for the purposes of a principal society  
   11.	   Taking possession of property requisitioned for a principal society,  
   12.	   Prevention of or obstruction to taking possession of property for and on behalf of a principal society  
   13.	   Compensation in respect of property requisitioned for a principal society  
   14.	   Interest on compensation  
   15.	   Date of commencement of accruement of compensation  
   16.	   Mode of payment of compensation  
   17.	   Determination of compensation  
   18.	   Payment of compensation  
   19.	   Provision for cases where compensation is not accepted, &c  
   20.	   Offences  
   21.	   Offences by bodies of persons  
   22.	   No termination of services of employees of a dissolved society or an amalgamating society without approval of Registrar  
   23.	   No action to lie in respect of the termination of senders, &c, of employees of dissolved societies or am alga mating societies  
   24.	   Minister, Registrar or liquidator not to be liable civilly or criminally, and acts, &c, of Minister, Registrar or liquidator not to be questioned in any civil court  
   25.	   Duration of this Act  
   26.	   Interpretation  

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