Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Employees' Councils Act (No. 32 of 1979)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Application of this Act  
   3.	   Administration of this Act  
   4.	   This Act shall be in addition to and not in derogation of any other law  
   5.	   Agreements contrary to the provisions of this Act to be null and void  
   6.	   Establishment of Employees' Councils  
   7.	   Constitution of first Electoral Board  
   8.	   Com missioner to appoint Electoral Board  
   9.	   Eligibility of employees to be elected and to vote at elections of the Council  
   10.	   Number of members consisting a Council  
   11.	   Mode of election, of members of the Council  
   12.	   Power of Minister to make rules  
   13.	   Functions of the Electoral Board  
   14.	   Commissioner to decide branch or section of an undertaking an under- taking &c  
   15.	   Election petitions  
   16.	   Election offences  
   17.	   Cost of election  
   18.	   Duty of employers to grant leave with out loss of pay to enable employees to vote  
   19.	   Term of office of Council  
   20.	   Where term of office is terminated earlier  
   21.	   Dissolution of Council by the Commissioner  
   22.	   Commissioner may remove any member of the Council  
   23.	   Termination of membership  
   24.	   Filling of vacancies  
   25.	   Chairman and Vice- Chairman of the Council  
   26.	   Meetings of the Council  
   27.	   Decisions of meetings of the Council  
   28.	   Minutes of meetings  
   29.	   Postponement of decisions  
   30.	   Standing Orders  
   31.	   No extra remuneration for members of the Council  
   32.	   Duty of employers to grant leave to members of Councils  
   33.	   Publication report of Council activities  
   34.	   Objects of the Council  
   35.	   Relationship between employee and the Council  
   36.	   Duties of the Council  
   37.	   Council entitled to receive certain information  
   38.	   Meeting of employer and Council  
   39.	   Proceedings before Commissioner  
   40.	   Settlement before the Commissioner binding  
   41.	   Council or a member of the Council not to interfere in the management of the undertaking  
   42.	   Obstructing or hindering a member of the Council an offence  
   43.	   Member of the Council not to be prejudiced or favoured  
   44.	   Rights of the Council in respect of accidents risks &c  
   45.	   Right of consultation vested in the Council  
   46.	   Regulations to be made for election of employees of specified undertakings to governing bodies  
   47.	   Commissioner or officer authorized by him to issue directions to employer  
   48.	   Offences and penalties  
   49.	   Penalty for offence for which no penalty is prescribed  
   50.	   Liability of certain persons in respect of offences committed by bodies corporate or unincorporate-rate  
   51.	   Protection for members of Employees' Councils against victimization by employers  
   52.	   No prosecution for offence without sanction of Commissioner  
   53.	   Prosecution no bar to civil action  
   54.	   Regulations  
   55.	   Interpretation  

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