Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Estate Duty. Act (No. 13 of 1980)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Imposition of estate duty   
   3.	   Amount of estate duty  
   4.	   Property deemed to pass on death  
   5.	   Property held by trustee  
   6.	   Exemption from estate duty in case of small annoities  
   7.	   Exemption of properties bequeathed to the Government, &c  
   8.	   Section - 8  
   9.	   Hindu undivided families  
   10.	   Resident quests  
   11.	   Exemption for one residential premises  
   12.	   Legacies to bona fide employees  
   13.	   Legacies to approved charities  
   14.	   Exemption for household good not exceeding twenty-five thousand rupees in value  
   15.	   Value of Property  
   16.	   Valuation of proceed from Tax Reserve Certification  
   17.	   Deduction for debts, funeral expenses and taxes  
   18.	   Relief in respect of quick succession where property consists of land or a business  
   19.	   Relief in respect of foreign estate duty  
   20.	   Liability of executer  
   21.	   Duty to be a charge on property passing on death of deceased  
   22.	   Power to raise estate duty by sale, mortgage or terminable charge  
   23.	   Apportionment of burden of estate duty paid. burden of estate duty Bald  
   24.	   Declarations  
   25.	   Further declaration in case of error  
   26.	   Assessor may require particulars in certain cases  
   27.	   Assessments  
   28.	   Time for making assessments and additional assessments  
   29.	   Appeals to the Commissioner-General  
   30.	   Appeals to District Court  
   31.	   Finality of assessments  
   32.	   Penalty for incorrect declarations  
   33.	   Manner of payment of estate duty  
   34.	   Payment by transfer of immovable property to Government  
   35.	   Payment by surrender of prescribed stock  
   36.	   Interest on unpaid duty  
   37.	   Allocation of payments  
   38.	   Payment instalments  
   39.	   Certificate of payment  
   40.	   Certificate of release  
   41.	   Facts stated in Commissioner-Generals certificate need not be proved  
   42.	   Probate not to be Issued until estate duty is paid  
   43.	   Restriction en payment of certain moneys passing on the death of a deceased  
   44.	   Collection of money debts on account of estate duty  
   45.	   notices to defaulter  
   46.	   Recovery of estate seizure sale of movable property  
   47.	   Recovery of estate duty by seizure and sale property  
   48.	   Proceedings for recovery before a Magistrate  
   49.	   Recovery of estate duty out of debts, &c  
   50.	   Recovery from, surviving partners  
   51.	   Special procedure not to affect right of the State to recover duty in any other manner  
   52.	   Power of Commissioner-General to obtain information and delegate functions  
   53.	   Duty to include fines, &c  
   54.	   Signature and Service notice  
   55.	   Principal officer to act on behalf of a company or body of persons  
   56.	   Agents and trustees  
   57.	   Person acting jointly  
   58.	   Indemniflaction of representative  
   59.	   transactions  
   60.	   Renunciation of office of executer  
   61.	   Refund of Estate duty  
   62.	   Section - 62  
   63.	   Penalty for failure to furnish information &c  
   64.	   Penalty for making incorrect statements, &c  
   65.	   Provisions relating to fraud  
   66.	   Contravention of section 43 to be an offence under this Act,  
   67.	   Contravention of section 43 to be an offence under this Act  
   68.	   Power of Commissioner-General to compound offences  
   69.	   Estate duty to be payable notwithstanding proceedings for penalties  
   70.	   Prosecution not to be entered except with sanction of Commissioner-General  
   71.	   Admissibility of statements or documents,  
   72.	   Officers  
   73.	   Official  
   74.	   Regulation  
   75.	   Forms  
   76.	   Public officer to assist Commissioner -General  
   77.	   Inspection of property  
   78.	   Interpretation  
   79.	   Application of the Estate Duty  
   80.	   Modification of certain provisions of the Estate Duty Ordinance,  

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