Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Extradition Law. (No. 8 of 1977)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Application of the provisions of this Law in respect of Commonwealth countries  
   3.	   Application of the provisions of this Law in respect or foreign states  
   4.	   special provision as to the making of an Order under section 3  
   5.	   Effect of Orders made under sections 2 and 3  
   6.	   Extraditable offences  
   7.	   General restrictions on extradition  
   8.	   Authority to proceed  
   9.	   Arrest for the purpose of committal  
   10.	   Proceeding for committal  
   11.	   Application for habeas corpus  
   12.	   Order for extradition  
   13.	   Discharge in case of delay in extraditing  
   14.	   Evidence  
   15.	   Custody  
   16.	   Form of warrant and orders  
   17.	   Extradition of persons to sri Lanka and certain restriction upon proceedings against them  
   18.	   Restoration of persons not tried or acquitted  
   19.	   Regulation  
   20.	   Extradition from Sri Lanka applicable to offences committed before and after the commencement of this Law  
   21.	   Property found on fugitive offenders  
   22.	   Repeal  
   23.	   Interpretation  

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