Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Estates (Control Of Transfer And Acquisition) Act (No. 2 of 1972)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Transfer of Ownership of an estate to be null and void in certain circumstances  
   3.	   Applications for consent of Minister  
   4.	   Furnishing of information and production of evidence, and inspections, required for the consideration of applications  
   5.	   Communication of decision of Minister  
   6.	   Certificate of consent  
   7.	   Eight of pre-emption  
   8.	   Acquisition of estates  
   9.	   Revocation of vesting Order  
   10.	   Taking possession of estate vested in the Crown  
   11.	   Prevention of or obstruction to taking possession of an estate for and on behalf of the Crown  
   12.	   Compensation in respect of estate vested in the Crown  
   13.	   Interest on compensation  
   14.	   Date of commencement of accruement of compensation  
   15.	   Manner and mode of payment of compensation  
   16.	   Determination of compensation  
   17.	   Payment of compensation  
   18.	   Provision for cases where compensation is not accepted, &c  
   19.	   Deductions from compensation  
   20.	   Regulations  
   21.	   Offences  
   22.	   This Act to prevail over other written law  
   23.	   Interpretation  

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