Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Employment Of Women, Young Persons, And Children Act (No. 47 of 1956)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Restrictions on night work in industrial undertakings. {[ 2, 43 of 1964.]}  
   3.	   Exceptions to restrictions on night work in industrial undertakings  
   4.	   Rest period for apprentices or vocational trainees employed on night work  
   5.	   Registers of industrial workers tinder the age of eighteen years  
   6.	   Exhibition of provisions of this Part relating to workers under the age of eighteen years  
   7.	   Employment of children in industrial undertakings  
   8.	   Registers of industrial workers who are women or young persons  
   9.	   Minimum age for employment at sea  
   10.	   Registers of lists of crew under the age of sixteen years  
   11.	   Furnishing of information regarding employment of young persons employed on vessels  
   12.	   Application of this Part  
   13.	   Restrictions on employment of children  
   14.	   Regulations relating to employment of children  
   15.	   Restrictions by Commissioner of Labour on employment of children  
   16.	   Furnishing of information regarding the employment of children  
   17.	   Restriction on employment of children attending school  
   18.	   Restrictions on children taking part in entertainments  
   19.	   Prohibition against persons under sixteen years of age taking part in performances endangering life or limb  
   20.	   Restrictions on training for performances of a dangerous nature  
   21.	   Regulations relating to employment of young persons  
   22.	   Furnishing of information regarding employment of women and young persons  
   23.	   Division between industry and non-industrial occupations  
   24.	   Inspection, and furnishing or taking of copies, of registers and lists kept under this Act  
   25.	   Powers of entry  
   26.	   The furnishing of information, &c., by any class of employers may be required by notice published in the Gazette and newspapers  
   27.	   In prosecution for employment in contravention of this Act employer may prove that some other person committed the offence. Cap. 20  
   28.	   Evidence  
   29.	   Provision regarding prosecution  
   30.	   Medical examination of young persons and children  
   31.	   Regulations  
   32.	   Application of this Act  
   33.	   Repeals  
   34.	   Interpretation  

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