Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Employees' Provident Fund Act (No. 15 of 1958)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title and date of operation  
   2.	   Establishment of Employees' Provident Fund  
   3.	   Membership of the Fund  
   4.	   Administration of this Act  
   5.	   Powers and duties of the Monetary Board in relation to the Fund  
   6.	   Auditor-General to audit the accounts of the Fund, &c  
   7.	   Advances to the Monetary Board by the Government  
   8.	   Section - 8  
   9.	   Section - 9  
   10.	   Section - 10  
   11.	   Right of employees and employers to elect to pay contributions calculated at higher percentages, and liability of employees and employers who make such election  
   12.	   Commissioner's direction to employer who has reduced the earnings of. any employee for the purpose of reducing the amount of the employer's contributions under this Act in respect of the employee  
   13.	   When fractions of a cent is to be ignored,. or is to be reckoned as one cent, in computing the amount of a contribution.  
   14.	   Interest on contributions, &c  
   15.	   Payment of contributions due from employees  
   16.	   Imposition of surcharge on employers on failure to pay contributions on due date  
   17.	   Recovery of contributions  
   18.	   The sums to be credited to the individual accounts of members.*  
   19.	   Employer prohibited from reducing; earnings of his employees &c  
   20.	   Employer prohibited from deducting from earnings of employee payments due from employer under this Act in respect of employee  
   21.	   Amount due under this Act from an employer to be the first charge on his: assets  
   22.	   Money to the credit of individual accounts to be inalienable. Cap. 97  
   23.	   Time at which benefits will be paid  
   24.	   Persons to whom benefits shall be paid in certain circumstances  
   25.	   Definition of "benefit"  
   26.	   Claim to benefit  
   27.	   Approved provident funds and approved contributory pension schemes  
   28.	   Commissioner or an officer authorized by the Commissioner to determine claims  
   29.	   Appeals  
   30.	   Remuneration of members of the Tribunal  
   31.	   Power of Commissioner to call for returns, &c  
   32.	   Powers of Commissioner and other officers to inspect premises, &c  
   33.	   Certain employers to keep records  
   34.	   Offences  
   35.	   Liability of manager, agent, &c., of employer for offences  
   36.	   Where the employer proves that some other person is guilty of an offence. Cap. 20  
   37.	   Punishment for offences  
   38.	   Recovery of arrears of payments due in certain cases  
   39.	   Burden of proof  
   40.	   Offences by bodies of. persons  
   41.	   No prosecution without the sanction of the Commissioner  
   42.	   Proof of regulations and orders, &c  
   43.	   Exemption from income tax. [ 56 (1), 18 of 1965.]  
   44.	   Exemption from stamp duty  
   45.	   Protection for action taken under this Act  
   46.	   Regulations  
   47.	   Interpretation  
   48.	   Prohibition of reduction, on certain ground, of rate of contribution to a provident fund or contributory pension scheme  
   49.	   Act to prevail in case of conflict with other written law  

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