Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Electricity Reform Act (No. 28 of 2002)


           Long Title

   1.	   short title and duties of operation  
   2.	   Administration of the Act  
   3.	   Functions of the Commission  
   4.	   Objectives  
   5.	   General policy guideline to be issued by the Minister  
   6.	   Electrical Inspectors  
   7.	   Public hearings  
   8.	   Prohibition on unlicensed supply &c. of electricity  
   9.	   Exceptions  
   10.	   Applications for licences  
   11.	   Procedure prior to grant of licences  
   12.	   Grant of licences  
   13.	   Form of Licence  
   14.	   General condition of licences  
   15.	   special condition of generation licences  
   16.	   Special condition of transmission licences  
   17.	   Special condition of distribution licences  
   18.	   assignment of licences  
   19.	   Revocation of licences  
   20.	   Application for exemption  
   21.	   Revocation and withdrawal of exemptions  
   22.	   Provisions of this Part to be in addition in conditions  
   23.	   Duties of transmission licences  
   24.	   Duties of distribution licensees  
   25.	   Exemption from duty connect and supply  
   26.	   Power to recover expenditure  
   27.	   Power to require security,  
   28.	   Additional terms  
   29.	   Tariffs  
   30.	   Provisions of schedule to apply to licences  
   31.	   Modification in agreement  
   32.	   Modification without agreement  
   33.	   Enforcement orders  
   34.	   Procedure for making enforcement orders  
   35.	   Effect of enforcement order  
   36.	   Offences  
   37.	   Power of Commission to vest management and control of undertaking of licensee in another authority or persons  
   38.	   The resolution of disputes  
   39.	   Standard of performance for supply of electricity  
   40.	   Standards of overall performance and efficient use of electricity  
   41.	   Information with respect to levels of performance  
   42.	   Provision of new generation plant and extension of existing plant  
   43.	   Consent required for overhead and underground electric lines  
   44.	   High voltage lines  
   45.	   Scheme for reorganization of electricity industry  
   46.	   Incorporation of companies to take over functions of the Ceylon Electricity Board and the Lanka Electricity Company  
   47.	   Provision relating to officers and servants of Ceylon Electricity Board and the Lanka Electricity Company  
   48.	   Successor company to establish Provident Fund and contributory pension scheme  
   49.	   Mandatory provisions in memorandum of a successor company  
   50.	   Monitoring and Advisory Committee  
   51.	   Restriction of sale of shares of successor company  
   52.	   Successor company deemed to have been granted relevant licence to carry on activities it is authorized to carry on by its memorandum  
   53.	   Application of Act, No. 1 of 1996 to successor companies  
   54.	   Annual levy,  
   55.	   General penalty  
   56.	   Extraction of electricity to be an offence  
   57.	   Improper use of electricity to be an offence  
   58.	   offences by bodies of persons  
   59.	   Rules  
   60.	   Regulations  
   61.	   Removal of difficulties  
   62.	   Purposes for which regulations  
   63.	   Register  
   64.	   Returns and information  
   65.	   Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency  
   66.	   Repeals and transitional provisions  
   67.	   Interpretation  

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