Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Finance Act (No. 38 of 1971)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Moneys in the Compulsory Savings Fund to be loaned to the Government  
   3.	   Certain expenses to be met out of the Compulsory Savings Fund  
   4.	   Interpretation  
   5.	   Application of provisions of this Part of this Act  
   6.	   Effective, date for implementation of this Part of this Act  
   7.	   Financial obligations of a public corporation  
   8.	   Preparation of budgets of public corporations  
   9.	   Revenue and determination of net surplus and net deficit  
   10.	   Appropriation of net surplus revenue of a public corporation  
   11.	   Investment of moneys of a public corporation  
   12.	   Accounts of a public corporation  
   13.	   Rendering of accounts and audit  
   14.	   Accounts and reports to be laid before the House of Representatives  
   15.	   Recommendations of the Public Accounts Committee  
   16.	   Borrowing powers of a public corporation  
   17.	   Subsidies from the Government  
   18.	   Seduction of capital of a public corporation  
   19.	   Dissolution of a public corporation  
   20.	   Liquidator's powers  
   21.	   Closure of liquidation  
   22.	   Interpretation  
   23.	   Financial year of Government and of public institutions  
   24.	   Interpretation  
   25.	   Establishment of special deposit accounts to receive voluntary contributions in money made to the Government for specified charitable purposes  
   26.	   Payments from deposit accounts  
   27.	   Date of operation of section 28  
   28.	   Amendment of section 240 of the Motor Traffic Act. (Cap. 203)  
   29.	   Levy of penalty of ten per centum for failure to pay licence fees on due date  
   30.	   Amendments to Act No. 1 of 1971  
   31.	   Retrospective effect of amendments  

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