Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Fisheries And Aquatic Resources Act (No. 2 of 1996)


           Long Title

   1.	   short title  
   2.	   Appointment of Director and other  
   3.	   Establishment of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Advisory Council   
   4.	   Functions and responsibilities of the Council  
   5.	   Fisheries management and development plan  
   6.	   Licensing of fishing operations  
   7.	   Application for a licence  
   8.	   Form and direction of the receipt  
   9.	   Reserved of licence  
   10.	   Cancellation of licensed  
   11.	   Section - 11  
   12.	   Appeals  
   13.	   Granter of licensee  
   14.	   Provisions of this Part not to apply to foreign fishing boat  
   15.	   Registration of local fishing boat  
   16.	   Change of possession to possession to be reported to the Director  
   17.	   Registration of instruments mortgage  
   18.	   Priority of Instruments of mortgage  
   19.	   Registered mortgage of local fishing boat to subsist  
   20.	   Entry of discharge of mortgage  
   21.	   Mortgage not effected by bankruptcy  
   22.	   Transfer of mortgages and registration  
   23.	   Transmission of interest mortgage on bankruptcy  & c  
   24.	   Searches and copies  
   25.	   Evidence  
   26.	   Other written not to apply  
   27.	   Prohibition against the use or possession of poisonous of explosive substances  
   28.	   Prohibited fishing gear water engage method  
   29.	   Catching and possession prohibited fishing  & c  
   30.	   Prohibition or regulation of export and import of fishing  
   31.	   Fishers Management area  
   32.	   Fisheries Committees  
   33.	   Register of fishermen  
   34.	   Minister to declare closed or open season for fishing  
   35.	   Use of fishin boats for research or scientific purposes  
   36.	   Declaration of fisheries reserves  
   37.	   Acts prohibited in fisheries reserves  
   38.	   Leasing of State lands  
   39.	   Licensing aquaculture enterprises  
   40.	   Application for licence  
   41.	   Form and duration of the licence  
   42.	   Renewal of licence  
   43.	   Cancellation of licence  
   44.	   Settlement of fishing disputes,  
   45.	   Interim Orders in respect of fishing disputes  
   46.	   Powers of authorized officers  
   47.	   Power of  
   48.	   Authorized section  
   49.	   Offences  
   50.	   Offences by bodies of persons  
   51.	   Forfeiture  
   52.	   Compounding of offences  
   53.	   Release of detained boats &c  
   54.	   Presumption as to the Institute of the  
   55.	   Section - 55  
   56.	   Section - 56  
   57.	   Section - 57  
   58.	   Administration of provided council authorities  
   59.	   Reward Fund  
   60.	   Imposition of cess on the import of fish of fish products  
   61.	   Regulations  
   62.	   Education of actions  
   63.	   Repeated  
   64.	   Savings  
   65.	   Sinhala to prevail in case of inconsistency text  
   66.	   Interpretation  
   67.	   Application of this Acts  

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