Sri Lanka Consolidated Acts

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Foreign Loans Act (No. 29 of 1957)


           Long Title

   1.	   Short title  
   2.	   Person empowered to sign agreements, contracts, bonds, promissory notes and other documents relating to a foreign loan to the Government of Ceylon. [ 2, 1 of 1963.]  
   3.	   Sums payable by the Government of Ceylon under agreements, contracts, bonds and promissory notes to be a charge on the Consolidated Fund of Ceylon. [ 3, 1 of 1963.]  
   4.	   Power of Minister of Finance to make provision by order published in the Gazette to give effect to an agreement relating to a foreign loan [ 4,1 of 1963.]  
   4A.	   Application of Part IV of the Bills of Exchange Ordinance to promissory notes executed by the Government of Ceylon. [ 5, 1 of 1963.]  
   5.	   Interpretation. [ 2, 2 of 1962.] [ 6, 1 of 1963.]  

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